2012 Review

“Suspend Belief And Enjoy The Massive Scale Of Catastrophe And Devastation With Fantastic CGI Effects”

March 1st, 2011

Ignore the dodgy science. Ignore the implausibility of the events occurring! This film is simply this...an edge of your seat, eye popping, jaw dropping spectacular CGI disaster movie on a massive scale! John Cusack plays the heroic writer / chauffeur protecting his family and piloting (yes piloting) a limousine through a collapsing LA is so beyond anything I have ever seen before, from giant caldera volcano's in Yellowstone to Los Angeles sliding into the Pacific Ocean, Tsunami's a thousand meters tall and cracks into the Earth's molten crust, it's more than biblical it's a CGI smorgasbord and well watch the movie in a darkened room with friends and popcorn washed down with ice-cold beer (assuming you are over 18) and ENJOY!

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