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A virus that locks those infected into a permanent state of killing rage, is accidentally released from a British research facility. Carried by animals and humans, the virus is impossible to contain, and spreads across the entire planet. Twenty-eight days later, a small group of survivors are trapped in London, caught in a desperate struggle to protect themselves from the infected. As they attempt to salvage a future from the apocalypse, they find that their most deadly enemy is not the virus, but other survivors.

28 Days Later News
Is Danny Boyle Directing the Next 28 Days Later Sequel?
The director of the original, which focused on a worldwide zombie outbreak, may take a break from dramas to focus on this horror sequel.
Fox to Release a Limited Edition of 28 Days Later on May 1
DVD to contain a sneak peek at 28 Weeks Later and a free movie ticket.
28 DAYS LATER due out on October 21st!
The zombies come home...
Wanna see the REAL ending to 28 DAYS LATER?
See the original "darker" ending of the film July 25th...
CONTEST: Win some swag from 28 DAYS LATER!
Enter to win!
The first 6 minutes of 28 DAYS LATER online!!!
Director Danny Boyle unveils an exclusive look at the first 6 minutes of the film...
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