28 Weeks Later


The sequel to the 2003 horror hit, "28 Days Later."

The creative team of Danny Boyle, Alex Garland, and Andrew Macdonald are back to re-invent the zombie movie yet again with the sequel to "28 Days Later." Lead by director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, "28 Weeks Later" picks up six months after the Rage virus has decimated the city of London. The US Army has restored order and is repopulating the quarantined city, when a carrier of the Rage virus enters London and unknowingly re-ignites the spread of the deadly infection, wreaking havoc on the entire population.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ‘28 Weeks Later’ Clip!

With 28 Weeks Later coming out on DVD on October 9 we wanted to satisfy our users appetite for horror! We have an exclusive clip from this release that will be infecting DVD stores everywhere.

The joy of later seeing his son Andy (Mackintosh Muggleton) and daughter Tammy (Imogen Poots) as repopulation efforts get underway in London is short-lived, however, when an innocent bid to reconnect with the past sets into motion a tragic series of events. Now, just as society struggles to sort through the rubble and rebuild London from the ground up, the virus that nearly destroyed a nation strikes back with a vengeance. Jeremy Renner, Rose Byrne, and Harold Perrineau, Jr. co-star in the frightful sequel, which highlights the dangers of declaring victory in the calm before the storm.

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CONTEST: Win ‘28 Weeks Later’ on DVD!

Movie PictureOn October 9 28 Weeks Later quarantines itself in DVD stores everywhere. Since we know how much everyone loves a good scare, and with Halloween right around the corner, we're giving away copies of this release to our users!

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‘28 Weeks Later’ Comes to DVD October 9th

Quarantine. Eradication. Sterilization. Repopulation. The terror and devastation unleashed in the groundbreaking horror masterpiece 28 Days Later picks up six months after the Rage virus has decimated London in 28 Weeks Later, the heart-stopping zombie horror sequel that "surpasses the original" (Dallas Morning News). Months after the deadly outbreak annihilated the British Isles leaving only a handful of survivors, the army declares the war against the infection has been won and the reconstruction of the country slowly begins; but as the first wave of refugees returns, the deadly infection resurfaces without warning, and this time - it is more dangerous than ever!

The 28 Weeks Later DVD features numerous spine-chilling bonus features including over 13 minutes of deleted scenes, three behind-the-scenes featurettes, director commentary plus an exclusive "28 Days Later: The Aftermath" flash-animated segments, based on the new Fox Atomic Comics graphic novel bridging the storyline between the two films. 28 Weeks Later will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $29.98 U.S. / $43.48 Canada. In addition, Fox Home Entertainment will also release a special 28 Days / Weeks Later Two-Pack Collection featuring both films packaged together at the low price of $34.98 U.S. / $45.98 Canada.

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EXCLUSIVE: Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillos Takes Us ‘28 Weeks Later’

I met up with Juan Carlos in a swanky suite at the famed Essex House. He was a bit overwhelmed with the rigors of a publicity tour, but was resolute in promoting his English language debut. The emergence of Spanish directors has provided Hollywood a much needed shot-in-the-arm. They've added vision and style to the stale studio system. Juan Carlos has the chops, but I sincerely hope that the behemoth that is Spider-man 3 does not chew 28 Weeks Later up at the box office.

What happens 28 Weeks Later?

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‘28 Weeks Later’ Trailer Now Online

Fox Atomic has posted the first trailer for 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 2003's horror hit 28 Days Later.

CLICK HERE to check out the trailer in Quicktime ... also available in High-Definition video!

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A Sneak Peak at ‘28 Weeks Later’

But don't think Boyle's just giving up his franchise; he's serving as executive producer, and apparenly very hands with Fresnadillo - but let him shoot the film the way he wanted.

But why make a sequel? Well, let's start with the fact that the original made 10 times its production budget. And two, the fans demanded it! Cilian Murphy made such an impression on the big screen, it had to be done; he walked the desolate streets of London, just trying to find any form of civilization out there. In the follow-up, it's Robert Carlyle who's the main protaginest - from what we saw, he'll also be the one who's going to be saving society again from the nasty virus.

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‘28 Weeks Later’ Trailer to Debut with ‘The Hills Have Eyes 2’

Fox Atomic is set to debut the trailer for 28 Weeks Later, the highly anticipated sequel to horror classic 28 Days Later, only in theaters on March 23, 2007. Audiences will finally be able to catch their first glimpse of the film on the front of another chilling Fox Atomic release, The Hills Have Eyes 2.

In 2002, movie-lovers everywhere were enraptured with 28 Days Later, a unique and terrifying film by audience and critical favorite Danny Boyle. With Boyle in the role of producer, he handpicked Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Intacto) to helm this next chapter, out in theaters on May 11.

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Principal Photography Begins on ‘28 Weeks Later’

DNA Films and Fox Atomic, the new youth division of Fox Filmed Entertainment, announced that principal photography has begun in London on 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to the 2003 international smash hit 28 Days Later. The film will be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Intacto) and produced by Andrew Macdonald, Allon Reich and Enrique Lopez-Lavigne. 28 Weeks Later is written by Fresnadillo, Lopez-Lavigne, Rowan Joffe and Jesus Olmo; and Danny Boyle and Alex Garland will executive produce. The cast will be led by Robert Carlyle (Full Monty, Trainspotting); Rose Byrne (Sunshine, Troy); Jeremy Renner (The Assassination of Jesse James, Dahmer); Harold Perrineau (Lost, Enter the Matrix); Catherine McCormack (Braveheart, Spy Game); Imogen Poots (V For Vendetta) and Idris Elba (The Wire). Joining the cast is newcomer, twelve-year-old Mackintosh Muggleton making his feature film debut. "DNA Films is very excited to be working with Juan Carlos and Enrique who we believe will make an original and extremely scary film," says producer Andrew Macdonald.

Six months after the rage virus has annihilated the British Isles, the US Army declares that the war against infection has been won, and that the reconstruction of the country can begin. In the first wave of returning refugees, a family is reunited -- but one of them unwittingly carries a terrible secret. The virus is not yet dead, and this time, it is more dangerous than ever.

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