3 Needles


In China, Ping (Lucy Liu) is a pregnant young woman running a black market blood collection scam that creates a mini-epidemic in a rural village. In Montreal, Denys (Shawn Ashmore) is a porn actor hiding his positive HIV status in order to continue working and supporting his mother (Stockard Channing), who herself goes to extreme lengths to provide for the family's future. And, in Africa, Sister Clara (Chloe Sevigny) is a young novice nun driven to convert the rapidly dying Africans to Catholicism and makes a desperate bargain with a corrupt plantation owner to help prevent the spread of HIV in the region. Sandra Oh and Olympia Dukakis portray nuns in the same order who accompany her on the journey.

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Shawn Ashmore On ‘3 Needles’

Working with Thom Fitzgerald, and a possible reunion with Bryan Singer?

Since his break-out role in X-Men 2, Shawn Ashmore has been on top of the world. His performance as Bobby Drake/'Iceman' started a string of films that catapulted his career.

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Lucy Liu Talks ‘3 Needles’

AIDS is sometimes a very touchy subject to discuss, especially when it's in an entertainment setting. The new film, 3 Needles deals exactly with that - in three very different parts of the world, China, Africa, and Canada. Written and directed by Thom Fitzgerald, the movie takes notice of the growing problem throughout the world.

Lucy Liu stars in the China portion, speaking Mandarin, her parents' real life native language. It's a whole new side of how we're used to seeing the Charlie's Angels star - vulnerable.

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