8 Mile Review

“'8 Mile' Tells A Inspiring Story But It Does Lack At Many Points In The Film, Plus...I Hate Rap Music.”

May 7th, 2009

'8 Mile' is not a terrible movie but it's also not a great movie either. I don't like rap music that much so that was a major biggie for me but the reason I liked this movie was because of the fact that it tells a very inspiring story about a poor man who tries to reach his goal of becoming a famous rapper. Before I saw this movie, I thought it was a biography of Eminem, BUT, it's actually just a fiction movie he decided to play in. That was a surprise to me because I thought that this movie was a true story based on his life. I was obviously wrong. Overall, this isn't a horrible movie but it also isn't a great movie. I still say give it a watch, though.


Marshell "Eminem" Matthews isn't really that bad of an actor. He was perfect for the part in this movie and I didn't hate him in this. He wasn't great but still decent. Brittany Murphy was alright in this movie as well. And finally, Kim Basinger [from,

'Batman' [1989] did a pretty good job in this movie. She was't half bad. BUT, the acting is really only worth 3 stars.


The direction was just a 'meh'. I hated how everything in this movie was so dark and dull. But, it's whatever.


Overall, an alright movie. This was much better than I was expecting. I'm also not a fan of rap so that sort of deducted points. But, this is still worth-seeing.


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