A Clockwork Orange Review

“Possibly The Best Film Ever Made”

July 4th, 2011

A film about a vicious gang leader, Alex, and his gang of "droogs" who roam the streets of the rotting, near future London looking for "a bit of the old ultra-violence" which includes random assaults, fighting rival gangs, stealing cars and rape. But after Alex commits manslaughter, his droogs turn on him and leave him to the police. Two years later, he volunteers to take part in a science experiment called the "Ludivico Techniqe" which will put a stop to crime, but little does Alex know that the cure works too well. Never before have I seen a film that got everything right. A plot with no flaws, perfectly well casted, perfectly directed and visually thrilling. Director Stanley Kubrick knows how to create a dark, hypnotic and fear-inducing atmosphere (like he did in The Shining) as well as make us feel sympathetic to someone we would be afraid of (like he did in 2001: A Space Odyssey). Malcolm McDowell's performance as Alex is the best performance of a film villain I have ever seen. I think he's just as scary now as he was back then. I think this because he's a realistic character and nowadays, there a teenagers just like Alex out there now. But others would say that this makes Alex less scary. A question they would ask to back their point up would be "How should one affect us while there are others just like him?" My answer is that Alex started a new generation of crime in youths. He is like a boss to thugs out there today. Which would you fear more? The leader? or the followers? Anyway, there is also no denying that films like Green Street or This Is England were inspired by this film. Look at other youth crime films and compare them to this one and you'll probably see that this was the main influence on modern youth crime films. In conclusion, this is the best Stanley Kubrick film I have seen so far. Will one of his other films surpass it?

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