A Dirty Shame


The film is about a working-class convenience store owner (Ullman) who suffers a concussion only to become a sex addict with wild urges.

EXCLUSIVE: MovieWeb talks to the cast of ‘A Dirty Shame’!

Director John Waters"It's a feel-good-sex-fetish-miracle-religious movie," says director John Waters about his latest eyebrow-raising film. A Dirty Shame, which comes out September 24, stars Tracey Ullman, Johnny Knoxville, Selma Blair and Waters's stock company Player Emeritus, Mink Stole. But in truth, like any Waters movie, it's the filmmaker who's the star. And when Waters and his cast (less Tracy Ullman) met with the press recently, the discussion was varied and quotable. "I feel like Henry Cabot Lodge," Waters purrs as he sits down in front of a bank of press microphones. But all the attention begs the question: Can we still be shocked by John Waters?

Rated NC-17, A Dirty Shame is about Slyvia Stickles (Ullman), a mild-mannered, sex averse, Baltimore housewife, who is struck on the head one day and, due to her injury, suddenly goes sex mad. The new world she explores, that of the most bizarre -- and mostly real (!) -- sex fetishes found in The Dictionary of Filth (a real book and Waters's bedside reading), is perfect territory for the man who became famous for creating Pink Flamingoes and Female Trouble. It is not the first of his films that's received an NC-17, but it was still a shock for him and New Line when the MPAA slapped the former "X" rating on his film. "I made the movie I wanted to make," says Waters. "I wouldn't change a thing." But the week the MPAA was passing judgment on his movie, the prison photos from Abu Ghraib prison hit the news and it made the subject of a "sex comedy" seem all the more inappropriate. "Lindsay England is from Maryland," Waters says proudly about the moon-faced Buck Private at the center of the prison sex photo scandal. "Still, I really feel if Bill Clinton were President, we would have gotten an R," Waters claims.

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New photos from the set of A DIRTY SHAME!

A Dirty Shame:Collins Antiques has posted a slew of on set pictures from the upcoming Tracey Ullman comedy, A Dirty Shame!

CLICK HERE to check out the photos!

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