A Good Day to Die Hard Review

“While Its Barley Worthy Enough To Call Itself A "Die Hard" Its Still Not As Horrible As It Could Of Been. It Suffers From A Middling Plot, Uninspired Chemistry & A Not-so Intriguing Premise Overall. But Nevertheless It Was Nice Seeing John McClane Again.”

February 17th, 2013

"Yippe-Ka-Yay" audiences across the globe are finally being introduced to yet another adventure from the wise-cracking NYPD detective who once stop an entire building filled with goons and henchmen all with no shoes, that was the original Die Hard, the best action movie ever made, it was also 1989 and this is 2013. About 25 years later, here we are talking about the FIFTH that's right fifth installment in the lucrative franchise. My final thoughts? ehh. Action sequels these days are getting harder and harder to impress me. Much like Taken 2, a sequel we did not need, Another Die Hard film was unnecessary and all fox wants to do is cash in on one of there longest film franchises. However this time around fans i'm sure are happy to know that this outing did in fact return to its R rating status that made the original three films memorable. Its all about that one line and if your familiar with Die Hard in any way, you know what i'm talking about. The last outing 2007's "Live Free or Die Hard" was tragically rated a PG13 and his catchphrase was muffled in a gun-shot, but if you caught the "Unrated" version it was returned to its formal glory. That being said, A Good Day to Die Hard, although being rated R, was not better than the PG13 version we saw almost 6 years ago. In fact is very far off my friends.

Story: (3/5) - For the first time in franchise history, the gang heads to Moscow, Russia. Where John's son, Jack (Jai Courtney) is wanted for outstanding charges and is going to be put in jail for the rest of his life. John, being the father he is, decides to head to Moscow to talk some sense into his boy, well needless to say it turns into a bonding trip neither of them expected. The story for the most part worked for me, i liked the different setting and getting John out of his comfort zone and "on-vacation". While the addition of his son, i could live with. However, the film runs a short and sweet 97 mins, which i don't know about you, kinda sucks. The previous entries were at least close to the two hour mark, so it felt rushed in some cases. Acting: (3/5) - Bruce Willis is getting old people, that tends to be no question, so i have no idea how long they can milk this franchise, but i don't know if i wanna see another Die Hard film in the future. But then again, i don't wanna leave our age'd pale where were leaving him with this film. Directing: (3/5) - the directing here was passable to say the least, its no compare to the directing of the previous films, Len Wisemen did a better job on "Live Free or Die Hard" and Len Wisemen directed the awful remake of "Total Recall".

Overall: (3/5) While its barley worthy enough to call itself a "Die Hard" its still not as horrible as it could off been. It suffers from a middling plot, uninspired chemistry and an intriguing premise overall. But nevertheless it was nice seeing John McClane again. I did enjoy the film, but i did have high expectations and that is something you should never have going into 5th sequel. Much like past action sequel attempts this one is hardly an exception. The only reason i believe its even getting a pass from me, is solely out of respect and love i have for the series. But stuff gets old with age, that is no question. Now i'm sure if your not a huge fan of the beloved franchise and you have just kinda of "Seen them" i'm sure you will find more enjoyment out of this then i did, but if your a trooper, die-hard fan of the series like i am?. Well buckle up, because your not going to love it as much as you want to. If you can get past the lack-luster chemistry between John and his son, and the short run-time you may call it worthy enough, but who knows. I did laugh here and there, so Bruce Willis still has his one liners he can spout out, so that was at least good. But for the most part a mild reccomendation at best here folks. Its worth about one viewing at best. "Yippie-Ka-Yay!.





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