A Love Affair of Sorts (2011)

A Love Affair of Sorts Poster
Release Date
David Guy Levy
Lili Bordán, David Guy Levy, Iván Kamarás, Jonathan Beckerman

A Love Affair of Sorts Synopsis

In A Love Affair of Sorts, Levy and Lili Bordan play a couple who "meet cute" in a bookstore, where he catches her in the midst of shoplifting, and she catches him in the midst of furtively filming her with his Flip Camera. Through the course of that day and evening, the two start a tentative relationship, with the young man's omnipresent camera serving as both bridge and barrier to their connection. Only later do we discover that neither they-- nor the film we have been watching--are what they appear to be. The title, “A Love Affair of Sorts,” which is derived from a line of dialog in the film, describes much more than the unusual bond between this man and woman; it also describes the main character's obsession with his camera, as well as Levy's own passion for the film medium itself.

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