A Nightmare on Elm Street Review

“Not A Bad Remake, But I Wasnt Completely Satisfied”

November 14th, 2010

I cant say this was a bad movie, because technically the story is classic.

When i saw the previews i knew i had to see it, because as you know, everyone likes a goood horror film once in a while. And i had the utmost confidence in this movie. Though the movie is from the 80's with the technology nowadays, I was under the impression it was going to be excellent. But it wasnt honestly.

It was just one of those occurrences where the preview makes the movie look 10 times better than it actually is. The special effects did not look realistic, and there wasnt one moment where i jumped, or was scared. This movie actually seemed more like a sci-fi thriller than a horror movie. everything interested me more than scared me. The murders were very simplistic and predictable.

But though the film was not what I thought it would be, it wasnt all bad. Freddy Kooger had a new look and there were many suspensful and myserious moments, and it caught my attention. The director did a good job of telling the story of Freddy Kooger, while making the movie full of action at the same time. The teenagers in the film were different from one another and didnt share the same story which usually hapens in horror films. In conclusion the movie was okay, but needed more frightening unexpecting scenes, and better visuals.


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