A Nightmare on Elm Street Review

"The Horror/slasher Movie Wes Creaven Brought Us All That Still Gives Us Nightmares To This Day"

Since we all know that Wes Craven being talked about along with the 'Scream' franchise he has created from yesterday's release of 'Scream 4', I have decided to watch and review Wes Craven's movies. For this review of a Wes Craven movie is simply his best. Since 1984 it has become a horror icon that has brought us nightmares to this day. It is a franchise that maybe crappy with its sequels, but never, ever crappy with the original. No matter how many sequels, remakes, reboots there are or are released and no matter how many films Wes Craven makes, NONE OF THEM can beat one of the greatest horror/slasher movies ever made! A Nightmare on Elm Street! The movie that Wes Craven made in 1984 that brought us endless nightmares had gave us a hard time sleeping for nights from the first appearance of the well-known popular horror ironical character, Freddy Kruger.

I remember when this spine-tingling film has been played right in front of me from start to finish...I didn't really pay much attention to the film as I wanted to because I was working on something else. I feel very shameful of myself for doing so. Didn't see that coming did you? Anyways.

Now the second time I watched this (which is more likely the first time I ever watched this), this movie got to stay up from jumping out of my bed mattress a number of times, with the high-definition TV in front of me, each time Freddy bounced on the screen either to make a jump with himself, his finger-knifes, being spine-tingled hearing the screeching of Freddy's knifes on something metal, Freddy doing something freaky as hell with any part of his body, like cutting his stomach, when one of Freddy's murder victums pulls off Freddy's face revealed a horrifying look at his wacky lunatic skull as Freddy laughed like a maniac.

And lets not forget that this is the only 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' movie that brings us a nightmare scene that you can't tell wether the characters in having a nightmare or not even if Freddy Kruger was on the screen. What I'm trying to say that even if Freddy was on the screen we could tell if we were watching a nightmare scene, (it's like a mystery almost), thats also why Freddy Kruger makes Wes Craven perhaps one of the greatest and the most clever horror/slasher movie directors of all time, and that also why Craven is not only my favorite horror/slasher movie director, but also one of my favorite movie directors on my top 10 list. Craven is the guy that knows exactly how to f*ck with you in any way.

The story of this horrifying horror/slasher is about a group od regular high-school kids that recently have nightmares about a crisped-burned up man wearing a dirty hat, and long sleeve red & black shirt, and glove that holds finger-knifes, that goes by the name of Freddy Kruger (Robert Englund

). It seems that what Freddy is doing inside these kids nightmares could actaully kill them if they are killed in the dreams. First kid that is killed...Tina Gray. Her boyfriend gets accused for her murder that he didn't commit. The only person that believes the boyfriend is the main high-school character of the movie Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp). So she has to find Freddy and stop him before either she or her boyfriend (Johhny Depp) are next, and she discovers and shocking truth and history behind Freddy that she had no idea about.

The acting is great from each and every actor, but I'm not hear to talk about the acting. I'm really hear to piont out a few things. I noticed that with some of the greatest horror/slasher out there, there is always an actor or actress that is shown and starred for the first time in that horror film and year later becomes and popular, famous actor to Hollywood. Heres an example. You know how that 'Halloween' was Jamie Lee Curtis's first apperance to star in a Hollywood horror/slasher film that now shes a good famous Hollywood actress that is always remembered for her first apperance in John Carpenter's 'Halloween'? Well thats exactly happened to Johhny Depp. He was just a regular kid that starred in a soon-to-be-famous & great director's best movie and not knowing by anybody that Depp would become a great Hollywood to be remember for his first apperance in Wes Craven's 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. All of those actors we know and still living today, all starred in a great unforgetable horror or horror/slasher movie wheather it was their first showings or not, but, if those are the actors that made their first apperance in any great horror film are now known to be a great today.

Also I'd like to piont out that these top famous horror movies from their greatness and scares like, 'Halloween', 'Psycho', 'The Exorcist', or 'Night of the Living Dead', are all brought from horror movie directors that we know to this day. Some have made and carrier living and fortune out of making horror movies their whole life wheather they succeeded in most of them or not, but with their best horror film makes them known and similed upon by us fans today, and that's what 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' has done for Wes Craven.

'A Nightmare on Elm Street' is for a fact the greatest and scariest horror or horror/slasher movie of all time. If you have seen most of Wes Craven's films, but haven't see this, and wasted your time watching those crappy sequels that mostly don't have anything to do with Craven, then get up off of your sorry-ass and buy this great horror movie! THAT'S AN ORDER!

Thank you all for reading my review of the 1894 horror classic 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. I am Jakn.

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