About Cherry Review

“Once You Get To The End, You Will Notice A Never Ending Cycle”

September 19th, 2012

About Cherry is a 2012 drama movie.

Directed by: Stephen Elliott

Starring: James Franco, Heather Graham, Dev Patel, Lily Taylor, Diane Farr and Ashley Hinshaw as Cherry.

You all know that old but classic story about the blonde chick leaving her home from a farm to the big city hoping to make it big as a singer/actress, only to end up working at a diner or worse, porn? About Cherry is about that classic tale that has become part of American culture in cinema or various genres. Cherry, or by her real name, Angelina, with a year or less left of high school, leaves her home with her gay friend played by Dev Patel to find a new life and make some good capital along the way.

Oh, do you sense a patter in my review? Well, how can I blame you, since I just reviewed Boogie Nights dealing with the same type of story. Here's the difference: Boogie Nights worked because of how entertaining it was executed whereas About Cherry tells it's story reflecting real events, but is just stale or boring if you want to be direct. Don't get my worn, Miss Hinshaw is a beautiful woman, more so after watching her full credentials on screen, but ultimately, I wasn't seduced, to be appropriate.

James Franco plays a washed out lawyer being a slave of his fortune dealign with drugs and stuff. He meets Cherry at a strip club and the both hook up. At first he likes her and she likes him, but ultimately, like any other sane male out there, he is and I quote "Disgusted" by her profession. Well, I mean, what do you expect? Honestly...

We come back to how people in the real world enter the porn industry and are readily prepared to show the world their body being treated like a chew toy. I did mention in Boogie Nights that people with sexual trauma in their past are the majority who find solace in this business. But, also people with other related trauma like being in an unstable environment with parents who abuse themselves with drugs and alcohol and endanger their child through rage. This example is where Cherry falls in, where her mother is a drunk and so is her father, but with her papa, he shows signs of wanting to rape her eldest, Cherry or her younger sister, and constantly mistreats the mother with verbal or even physical assault. This is the one point in the movie where credit is given and well deserved.

Heather Graham plays the role of a porn director (I guess anyone can direct sex nowadays) and falls in love with Cherry. She's aged, but sort of sees her younger self in Cherry and is allured by her shy nature and well, freshly plucked core. Once you get to the end, you will notice a never ending cycle, and you will see the point of the title "About Cherry".

Overall, boring, but has some elements that require critique attention.

Written by: Bawnian©-Dexeus.


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