The comedy centers on a teenager who finds a unique way to outsmart his parents.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch an Never-Before-Seen Clip from ‘Accepted’!

MovieWeb is serving up an exclusive, never-before-seen clip from the November 14th DVD release of the hit comedy, Accepted! Click below to watch a clip from the film that MovieWeb's own Steven Chupnick calls "This generation's Animal House!" That quote is right on the back of the box of the DVD! Check it out!

Accepted was released August 18th, 2006.

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CONTEST: Win ‘Accepted’ On DVD!

Movie PictureOn November 14 the hilarious comedy Accepted graduates to DVD!

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‘Accepted’ Hits DVD November 14

That critic's quote from our very own Steven Chupnick tells you all you need to know about this November 14 release from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Go back to school this fall at a college where you don't have to be smart, athletic or even good-looking to be Big Dude on Campus. After being rejected every place else, Bartleby "B" Gaines (Justin Long) and an outrageous band of misfits start their own university to keep their parents from finding out. As "B" and his buddies take on a course load that emphasizes partying over studying, the South Harmon Institute of Technology attracts a standing-room-only crowd of losers, slackers, dweebs and rejects, as well as the unwanted attention of the snide dean of nearby Harmon College (Anthony Heald). An all-out, low-down battle between the two schools proves that there's more to college life than just being Accepted.

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The Cast and Crew Of ‘Accepted’ Laugh It Up

When the name Justin Long pops up, you don't immediately think 'superstar.' That's because he's never become that in any of his films.

But that's all going to change after Accepted - not that he'll become an overnight superstar, but people are going to start to recognize Justin as lead potential. In the film, he plays an average senior in high school, Bartleby (B) Gaines; he's applied to numerous colleges and gotten rejected to all of them.

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Justin Long is ‘Accepted’

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Justin Long is starring in Accepted, a comedy Steve Pink is directing for Universal Pictures.

Tom Shadyac and Michael Bostick are producing via their Universal-based Shady Acres Entertainment banner.

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