Agora Review

“Love, Redemption, Cruelty And Savageness - All In Agora”

April 11th, 2010

A powerful story about love, especially a love triangle. A story about redemption and sin. A portrayal of the dominant inner conflicts caused by personal beliefs and religion. A movie which shows the cruelty, savageness and corruption that was used by the people who covered their bloody acts with the teachings from the bible. A portrayal of the magnitude of mistakes caused by religion and it's wrong usage. People still, act the same way as people did hundreds and thousands of years ago blinded by some invented scriptures, books of gods and ignorant rules. A good and powerful movie about all of these things.

The acting in the movie was handled well and on top of that the cinematography was splendid. The movie was cut and edited very well and the score was very well inserted. Another good thing is that this was not slow-paced and it raised many questions. The story itself is accurate so don't worry for "fake-history" in here. (if I think about it... which is accurate and which is not?)

I must admin I'm into this kind of movies, historical and religious so this one made a clear statement in my eyes that good and powerful movies still can be done. The problem with this movie is that it is very disturbing and opens discussions about faith and christianity and since many of us are christians and not just christians but more like "ignorant and blind christians", many will reject the idea of this movie.

Anyway I strongly advise people to take this film in consideration because it is a strong movie.

Storyline: 8,5/10.

Acting: 8/10.

Art Direction: 8,5/10.

Cinematography: 9/10.

Score: 8/10.


Overall: 8,5

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