Jaume Collet-Serra Returns to Direct ‘Akira’

Jaume Collet-Serra Returns to Direct ‘Akira’

The ‘Unknown’ director stepped away from the project last January when Warner Bros. halted production to try and bring down the budget.

By Brian Gallagher | 2 years ago

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‘Akira’ Wants Ken Watanabe

The Japanese actor has been offered the Colonel role, which Warner Bros. originally offered to Gary Oldman.

By Brian Gallagher | 3 years ago

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Garrett Hedlund Is Kaneda in ‘Akira’

The ‘Tron: Legacy’ star is in final negotiations for the lead role in Warner Bros.' live-action adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo's popular manga.

By Brian Gallagher | 4 years ago

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‘Akira’ Wants Director Jaume Collett-Serra

The ‘Unknown’ director is set to take over this long-gestating Warner Bros. live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese manga.

By Brian Gallagher | 4 years ago

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‘Akira’ Loses Director Albert Hughes

Warner Bros. is currently seeking another director for their troubled adaptation of the Katsuhrio Otomo manga series.

By Brian Gallagher | 4 years ago

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‘Akira’ Loses Keanu Reeves

The actor has passed on the role of Kaneda, although Warner Bros. insists the project is still in development.

By Brian Gallagher | 4 years ago

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‘Akira’ Wants Keanu Reeves for Kaneda

The actor hasn't been offered the role as of yet, although it is said that talks with Warner Bros. are going well.

By Brian Gallagher | 4 years ago

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‘Akira’ Gets Writer Steve Kloves

The ‘Harry Potter’ scribe will redraft the long-gestating remake of the popular Japanese manga epic.

By B. Alan Orange | 4 years ago

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‘Akira’ Wants James Franco for Kaneda

The ‘127 Hours’ actor is in talks to star in The Hughes Brothers' live-action adaptation of the classic manga by Katsuhiro Otama.

By Brian Gallagher | 4 years ago

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Morgan Freeman Circles ‘Akira’

The Oscar-winning actor is set to play The Colonel in this upcoming Manga adaptation.

By B. Alan Orange | 5 years ago

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‘Akira’ Wants Zac Efron

It seems Warner Bros. has an offer out to the young star for this upcoming Anime adapation.

By Brian Gallagher | 5 years ago

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