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A group of friends awake one morning to find all electricity and power shut off, and an immense alien aircraft hovering in the air above their heads. Suddenly this regular group of friends is battling to survive, as the entire human race is threatened by the alien army hovering ominously above.

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Dominic Burns directs this thriller about a group of friends trying to fight off an alien army, in theaters and on VOD June 21st.
Alien Uprising International Trailer
Jean-Claude Van Damme makes an appearance in this sci-fi thriller about a group of friends who must band together to fight off an alien attack.
EXCLUSIVE: Alien Uprising Poster
Four friends must rise up and fight against an invading alien army in this intense sci-fi thriller featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Alien Uprising Trailer Featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme
A group of friends are forced to defend themselves against an attack from the cosmos in this sci-fi thriller, landing in theaters June 21st.
Jean-Claude Van Damme Joins UFO
Bianca Bree, Sean Brosnan, and Simon Phillips also star in this U.K. drama about a group of friends fighting for survival after a UFO settles above their city.
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