Alien Vs. Predator Review

“Special Effects Heavy, But Doesn't Feel Like An Alien Or Predator Movie”

February 23rd, 2008

AVP is nice to look at. The effects and visuals are the best thing about the entire movie. The rest lacks certain elements that doesn't make it feel like a true Alien vs. Predator face-off. The biggest element? The rating.

Every single Alien and Predator movie is rated R. It should definitely be no different when the two meet on the big screen for the first time. Instead, we get a dissapointing PG-13 rated movie that tries to blind us with action sequences rather than give us the blood and gore we've come to know and love in the solo films.

But, the action doesn't lack, and the battles that do take place between the Predator and xenomorphs almost makes up for the lack of sci-fi violence. Almost. But when you have two of Hollywood's baddest and famous aliens duking it out on the big screen, there shouldn't be as much development with the characters. Who cares?! This is the one movie where it should be made clear that the humans are only there to get killed. It feels like they get more screen time than the monsters the movie's named after.

There are, however, many elements from the films that director Paul W.S. Anderson crams into this movie. The xenomorphs' nest and the Alien Queen for starters, but it still feels like the Predator is taking the spotlight when we should be getting equal amounts of both monsters.

The story is also one of the films few high-points, and Anderson tries his best to explain why the Predators are on Earth, as they are hunting down imprisoned xenomorphs in a pyramid beneath the Antarctic ice for the right to be called adults. The humans are drawn to the location by a heat source for hosts to the aliens.

The worst thing about this movie? The Predator teaming up with the main human and then the slow motion run of the two of them. Lame. Overall, AVP is a disapointment that should have been a whole lot better.

AR's score: 2.5 stars(5/10)


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