Aliens Vs. Predator - Requiem Review

“Well At Least It's Aliens Vs. Predators!”

December 27th, 2007

Really mixed bag here for me. On a positive note you get Aliens and Predators fighting out in some really cool scenes. But for the most part this film is B-movie pacing and story just to get us to the good parts.

What is this film? Just one giant homage to the early films and this is perhaps the films biggest fault. The point of a new movie is the "New" Sadly this film just rehashes all the great lines and scenes from Predator, Alien and Aliens. There's also to many holes in the movies times lines, oh and plot to even go into, so I'll just continue on with the rehashing.


- There's a electrical plant fight and boy does it look like the ending of Aliens.

-During the electrical plant fight there's an up camera shot of the Predator firing into the plant and explosions behind him. This looks nearly identical to when the predator is firing into the trees at Arnie.

- Our heroine driving/smashing an armored army vehicle through things and telling everyone to "hang on!" Geezez this looked the same.

There's so many more but I'll leave it that..... Remember!! Just because you use all the original music and sound effects doesn't mean the film itself is just as good!


OK after all this I was entertained. I am an Alien and Predator movies nerd and just want my next glimpse of the beasties. So this movie gave me what I wanted - AVP. But for the love of god lest get back to the story telling!!!!! Just cause the fight scenes and special effects kept me involved does mean the movie on a whole was good.........

Let's just call this what it is, not a review but a good ole fashion rant!

Ya, ya and at the same time I guess for the fans this was kinda fun............ To quote eOnline "The 180—a Second Opinion: Cut away 45 minutes of clumsy exposition and characterization (both are hopelessly botched anyway), and you've got a chunk of good monster movie."

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