American Gangster


"American Gangster" concerns Harlem drug kingpin Frank Lucas (Washington), who smuggled heroin in the body bags of U.S. soldiers slain in Vietnam. Brolin plays Det. Trupo, a crooked NYPD cop who piggybacks on the Lucas investigation conducted by Det. Ritchie Roberts (Crowe).

‘American Gangster’, ‘Casino’ and ‘Eastern Promises’ Get Gangster on Blu-ray on October 14th

A trio of gangster films can be enjoyed in 1080p this October. American Gangster, Casino and Eastern Promises will all come to Blu-Ray on October 14. We have no cover art for these releases as of yet, but each film will be priced at $20.98 SRP. All three films will be packaged together in a gangster pack as well, which will run for $89.98 SRP. Full details on the discs can be found below.

- Hip-Hop Infusion Featuring Common and T.I.

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‘American Gangster’ Tops Sales and Rental Charts

God damn it feels good to be a gangster. American Gangster swept both the DVD sales and rental charts for the week ending February 24. The Denzel Washington epic was considered the first major DVD release of the year, and it delivered, selling an estimated 4 million units in its first week. That figure was approximately three times as many units sold than the next competitor, Michael Clayton, which debuted in a distant second place.

American Gangster and Michael Clayton finished 1-2 on the rental charts as well, with American Gangster taking in $9.7 million in rental revenue while Michael Clayton took in a solid $8.2 million in rentals. Last week's top rental, Gone Baby Gone, slid to third place.

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CONTEST: Win Huge in Our ‘American Gangster’ Contest!

American Gangster is coming out on DVD and HD DVD on February 19, and we just had to honor this critically-acclaimed release, so we're doing a big contest to celebrate. Not only can you win copies of this new DVD, but one lucky Grand Prize Winner will take home the Gangsters: The Ultimate Film Collection, a nine-disc set that contains the films Scarface, Casino, Carlito's Way and American Gangster. You know these will go fast, so enter this contest as fast as your fingers can fly.

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‘American Gangster’ Blasts Onto DVD on February 19th

We don't know when it's coming out, but we do know what the box will look like, and what will be on it.

They will also release a three-disc collectors edition that looks like it comes with a production book as well. We have no details on pricing for this edition, or special features as well. While we wait on those details, here's the two disc edition and collectors edition DVD cover art for your viewing pleasure, with the special feature listings below the artwork.

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Box Office Beat Down: ‘American Gangster’ Defies Expectations with $46 Million

Next week, the gangsters are going to go up against Lions For Lambs in the drama department, while Barry B. Benson will have to get into some fisticuffs of his own with Fred Claus. P2 will offer Saw IV some mild competition in the horror department. And lets not forget that the Coen Brothers' No Country For Old Men will be opening in limited release.

American Gangster was released November 2nd, 2007.

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CONTEST: Win Big in Our ‘American Gangster’ Giveaway!

Movie PictureOn November 2nd, the streets of harlem are no longer safe in American Gangster. To celebrate this exciting release we are running an awesome giveaway for our users!

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Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe Dominate in ‘American Gangster’

Can you talk about playing the delicate balance between good and evil?

Denzel Washington: Who was the good guy and who was the evil guy? That's the delicate balance.

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Watch 11 Clips and 16 Interviews for ‘American Gangster’

On November 2 American Gangster comes to theaters nationwide. Starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe this movie is one of the most anticipated films of 2007.

Check out 12 Clips and 16 Interviews that will tell you everything you need to know about American Gangster.

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