American Pie 2 (2001)

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The sequel to American Pie, one of the biggest grossing teen comedies ever. The script for the sequel was completely reworked by Adam Herz, the writer of the original. The action takes place one year after high school, when Kevin arranges for a reunion of sorts at a Lake Michigan beach house. Oz's girlfriend is in Paris studying, and he must resist different forms of temptation, which no doubt often come in the form of nubile young women. Nadia returns from the Czech Republic to put the moves on easily embarrassed Jim, who of course gets lots of advice from his easygoing dad. The rest of the crew has romantic and other entanglements to deal with, too.

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Universal Pictures Has Another American Pie Cooking

Universal Pictures Has Another American Pie Cooking

This new theatrical film might feature some cast members from the original films.
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