American Zombie


Two filmmakers team up to document a group of zombies in Los Angeles and their struggle to gain acceptance in the human community.

EXCLUSIVE: Grace Lee Talks ‘American Zombie’

I'll be honest. A few weeks ago, I had never heard of filmmaker Grace Lee, or her work such as the 2005 documentary The Grace Lee Project. Then I was set up with this interview with Lee, who co-wrote and directed American Zombie and I was sent a screener DVD to prepare... and I was simply blown away (CLICK HERE for my full review). So I basically went from going into an interview with someone I'd never heard of, to going into an interview with a filmmaker I was blown away by, in 90 short minutes. How time flies. Anyway, I had the privelege of speaking with Grace Lee over the phone about this marvelous film, and here's what she had to say.

I read in the production notes that you don't like the term "mockumentary." Would "shockumentary" work for this? It seems like it almost needs its own genre.

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