Apollo 13 Reviews

  • It chronicles one of the most dramatic of all spaceflights, an American catastrophe that became an American victory, and it does this in a way that's so authentic, so brilliant in its technical details, that it succeeds in putting us on that ship.

    Owen Gleiberman — Entertainment Weekly

  • Playing the tough, commanding Jim Lovell is a substantial stretch for Mr. Hanks, but as usual his seeming ingenuousness overshadows all else about the role. There's not a false move to anything he does on screen.

    Janet Maslin — New York Times

  • The movie will happily repay multiple viewings.

    Dean Essner — USA Today

  • Blowing up some 35mm films to an image 10 times larger could magnify their plot faults and performance shortcomings. But Apollo 13, with its taut cast, script and direction, profits from the process.

    Jane Sumner — Dallas Morning News

  • A powerful story, one of the year's best films, told with great clarity and remarkable technical detail, and acted without pumped-up histrionics.

    Roger Ebert — Chicago Sun-Times

  • This meticulous but ultimately rather pedestrian drama gradually won me over as a minor if watchable example of the "victory through defeat" brand of military heroism that John Ford specialized in.

    Jonathan Rosenbaum — Chicago Reader

  • (Apollo 13 movie review at Detroit News)

    Susan Stark — Detroit News

  • This engrossing account of the nation's most perilous moon shot embodies what many people consider to be old-fashioned American virtues in a virtually pristine state.

    Todd McCarthy — Variety

  • Apollo 13 avoids becoming propaganda, or a masturbatory industrial film for NASA, by focusing on the story's human element.

    Bradley Steinbacher — Film.com

  • Maintains its suspense even though the conclusion is well known.

    Sean Means — Film.com

  • While the events of this motion picture may depict NASA's finest hour, the release of Apollo 13 represents Ron Howard's.

    James Berardinelli — ReelViews

  • The special effects and many scenes of weightlessness look as good or better than in the original, while the Oscar-winning sound and James Horner's rousing score make good use of the hefty audio system.

    David Hunter — Hollywood Reporter

  • From lift-off to splashdown, Apollo 13 gives one hell of a ride.

    Richard Corliss — TIME Magazine

  • It's easily Howard's best film.

    Peter Travers — Rolling Stone

  • If there is one subject that makes it okay to feel old-fashioned patriotism and pride in humanity... it is surely the US space program.

    Tim Brayton — Antagony & Ecstasy

  • Thrilling, heartwarming, scary, and superb.

    Nell Minow — Common Sense Media

  • A rousing, flag-waving paean to American skill and courage, Howard's polished film panders to its target audience perfectly.

    Jamie Russell — Film4

  • Truly a director for the '90s, Ron Howard has mastered the art of spinning big, old-fashioned yarns without any discernible point of view, and his movie is curiously empty and instantly forgettable.

    Dean Essner — TV Guide's Movie Guide

  • Apollo 13 remains Howard's masterpiece... It is, quite simply, one of the finest movies ever produced.

    David Cornelius — DVDTalk.com

  • The movie is terrific on nuts-and-bolts stuff, but nuts and bolts aren't the same as drama.

    Rob Gonsalves — eFilmCritic.com

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