Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Review

“"The 'Aqua Teen' Will Feed You With Laugher"”

February 27th, 2010

First of all, if you watch TV show 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' on Adult Swim then this is the movie you will want to see. Otherwise, you probably shouldn't see this. 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters' is an unexpected and a HILARIOUS laugh-out-loud fall-down-to-the-ground, $h!t and piss-your pants comedy that will have you laughing inside out from head to toe. It is so unexpected that will want to make your eyes pop out 10 feet away from your sockets and at times have you saying to yourself, "Well I didn't see that coming." All of the main characters of the show are in the movie.

Of course the empty headed and destructive milkshake, Mastershake, the intelligent bearded flying pack of fries, Frylock, the slow and dim-witted cute little meatball, Meatwad, and the tortured, fat, mustached human, Carl are in the movie. In addition, the truly weird Dr. Weird and his assistant Steve, the troublemaking Mooninites, the spiky germen accent speaking Plutonians, the rapping spider MCP pants, and the annoying storytelling robot that calls himself the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past. There are a few new characters in the movie that weren't seen in the show and a few new backgrounds. The plot is smart, yet very insane.

Frylock is trying to figure out how he and his roommates (Mastershake and Meatwad) were created. While they, the Plutonians along with the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past try to find a missing piece to an exercise machine called the Insanoflex. Mastershake stole the exercise machine from Carl by the way. Later when they find the missing piece, it turns out to be way more than an exercise machine. This is one of the scenes in the movie that is most unexpected, believe me. After dealing with the exercise machine real form, Frylock begins to remember how he and his roommates were created and depart to Dr. Weird's castle to find out the truth about everything. Not expecting to find it all out from a talking watermelon (named Walter Melon) and a nine foot layer beef Burrito (voiced by Tina Fey).

'Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters' is hysterical from beginning to end. It will want to make you laugh your lungs out, make a HUGE rip of your mouth until your mouth drops until it reachs helland make you bleed to death. There is a little surprise at the end of the credits. So if you have the patience to do sit through the credits. 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters' is the most funniest and best TV show movie ever made. It's to funny to even have a flaw.

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