Are We Done Yet? (2007)

Are We Done Yet? Cast
Ice Cube Ice Cube Nick Persons
Nia Long Nia Long Suzanne Persons
John C. McGinley John C. McGinley Chuck Mitchell, Jr.
Aleisha Allen Aleisha Allen Lindsey Persons
Philip Bolden Philip Bolden Kevin Persons
Jonathan Katz Jonathan Katz Mr. Rooney
Linda Kash Linda Kash Mrs. Rooney
Alexander Kalugin Alexander Kalugin Russian Contractor
Dan Joffre Dan Joffre Billy Pulu
Pedro Miguel Arce Pedro Miguel Arce Georgie Pulu
Tahj Mowry Tahj Mowry Danny Pulu
Jacob Vargas Jacob Vargas Mike the Plumber
Brenda Prieur Brenda Prieur Grandma Pulu
Hayes MacArthur Hayes MacArthur Jimmy the Bartender
Colin Strange Colin Strange Persons' Twins
Gavin Strange Gavin Strange Persons' Twins
Chris Gauthier Chris Gauthier Dancing Man
Tara Mercurio Tara Mercurio Ellie Mitchel
Magic Johnson Magic Johnson Himself
Are We Done Yet? Directors
Steve Carr Steve Carr Director
Are We Done Yet? Writers
Hank Nelken Hank Nelken Writer
Steven Gary Banks Steven Gary Banks Writer
Claudia Grazioso Claudia Grazioso Writer
Norman Panama Norman Panama Writer
Melvin Frank Melvin Frank Writer

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