Argo Review

“3 For 3, Oscar For Best Director”

October 13th, 2012

Starring in your own directed film would seem like the most impossible double duty in film history. It just seems so hard to pull off. Rocky 2, directed by Stallone, is much more enjoyable than the original, with a much more climactic finish; however, unlike the first Rocky, it was void of depth. It was way too straightforward that it was obvious that Stallone was incompetent of swiftly and smoothly transferring over from director to actor. Mel Gibson with Braveheart did an amazing job with the double roles, but did he do it three times in a row? Please don't bring up Clint Eastwood, Gran Torino and Trouble with the Curve, really. Ben Affleck takes the crown of this astonishing skill.

Ben Affleck, playing CIA agent Tony Mendez, who must make a fake movie to rescue six people from Iran. Political thrillers typically aren't thrilling. It's surrounded by history lessons and preachy speeches about patriotism. Argo really breaks the barrier for political thrillers, while still giving you the most accurate reenactment of a true event. Umm... except for Ben Affleck. At the end credits, they show the real six victims and everyone who was involved and match them to the actors, which is spot on. Then when they show Tony Mendez, Affleck looks nothing like the guy.

Well-rounded cast with well-rounded performances makes this film even better. Check it out.

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