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“No Question And Hands Down One Of The Best Films Of This Year. Argo Is An Award Contender That's For Sure. With Affleck's Fantastic Direction And An Amazing In Depth Story. Argo Is A Movie Were Going To Be Talking About For Years And Years To Come.”

October 18th, 2012

Ben Affleck has had lets just say a rock turn around here in the big Hollywood. After his morbid turn in the "critically" acclaimed (for the wrong reasons) Gigli and well Jersey Girl was not that great either. But every since Gone Baby Gone, Affleck well he is 3 for 3. Gone Baby Gone was a fantastic film while his next directorial effort in 2010's smash "The Town" well hes basically on cloud 9. Just when i thought he literally could not get ANY better, what does he do?. He makes Argo. Argo is wonderfully sculptured and beautifully played out masterpiece, that unfolds every second with a new exciting and suspenseful build-up. With the talents of not only Affleck in the front of the camera also this time, along with heavyweights Brian Cranston, Alan Arkin and the always lovable John Goodmen, in their uncanny interpretations of this true declassified story. The way the movie paces itself unlike most pictures throughout the year, truly sets it aside from everyone else. Its true cinema at its work here, the ending?, well lets just say i was pretty much on pins and needles and just yelling at the screen, that's how gripping and just plain excited i was for this movie. Its no question the actors in this movie are pros, but really the credit here is Affleck, he has crafted a style that has worked for him and he is just going to continue dominating the Hollywood world, my hat tips off to him.

Story: (5/5) - while the story is to lengthy to go in depth. It surround the huge global Iran crisis back in the 80s where the Embassy was attacked and 6 Americans made it out and were taken in by the Canadian Ambassador. Now Que Ben Affleck's character whom's sole purpose is to smuggle this 6 americans out of the country alive. The plan?. Their a film crew from Canada filming a science fiction movie called .. you guessed it. Argo. Acting: (5/5) - why yes with a film as stunning as it should be, it should come as no question there are some of the best performances of this given year an Oscar Nomination is in order for Arkin & Affleck come this award season. Superb really undersells the momentum of this fine acting throughout, i was engrossed the whole time, and with montage at the end during the credits, the casting was basically flawless. Directing :(5/5) - Affleck has for sure moved up on the food chain and made himself a true name, with such hits as the Town and the always favorite Gone Baby Gone, He is not longer the punchline of such cruel jokes and the film Gigli? psssh who was even in that movie. One thing is for sure i was impressed regardless of this fantastic picture.

Overall: (5/5) - No question and hands down one of the best films of this year. Argo is an award contender that's for sure. With Affleck's fantastic direction and an amazing in depth story. Argo is a movie were going to be talking about for years and years to come. That's right for the rest of the year, chances are your going to be hearing about the film "ARGO" one way or another. For better or worse. I just only wish the movie was longer because it was just so jaw-dropping. The ending had one of the most suspensful moments in cinematic history. No person should be put through all that. But rest assured, that should not turn you away from such a compelling picture. I just wish this movie came out sooner. Because it would most likely be the Number 1 movie on my "Best Of The Year" list but since so much has come out. Its truly hard to say. I loved Argo don't get me wrong. It just has a lot of tough competition. While Argo probably won't win Best Picture (although it would be nice). It could win Directing. But then again.. only time will tell. For now Argo is the movie you wanna see. Its going to be the most talked about.. that is for damn sure.. "Argo-Fuck yourself!"





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