Atlantis Rising


The U.S. military is dispatched to investigate the cause of seismic disturbances in the deepest part of the ocean. Revealed there is an underground civilization who is ready to engage us in war.

‘Atlantis Rising’ Moves Forward at Platinum Studios

Platinum Studios Inc. chairman Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and producer Mark Canton (300: Battle of Artemisia, Immortals) announced today that they are immediately putting the Platinum Studios comic book Atlantis Rising into development for a new, ongoing film franchise. Atlantis Rising is just one of the titles in Platinum Studios' international library of thousands of comic book characters which it adapts, produces, and licenses for all forms of media.

Created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Atlantis Rising was first published as a five-issue mini-series that had been previously optioned to DreamWorks. Platinum Studios recently regained the production rights, allowing them to reboot the series and to team up with Mark Canton. The film is set against an undersea civilization that began over 10,000 years ago, and whose presence is unknown to the surface population.

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Joby Harold to Adapt ‘Atlantis Rising’

It seems that a mythical underwater city film adaptation is coming together. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joby Harold has signed on to pen the adaptation of Atlantis Rising for DreamWorks.

Len Wiseman is directing the film, based off Scott Mitchell Rosenberg's five-part comic series. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are producing the film with Rosenberg.

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