August Rush Review


January 14th, 2008

(for those who have viewed this film i firstly apologise for the above lame intro to my review of this film;and to those who will view this movie then you will understand my literal lame humour!!!).

a good cast,a good story and a fairly good selection of music have produced a film that does stand out for me of films made in 2007.

freddie he ever gonna look any older???again he performs well as he has consistently done over the last few years,although i will say this is probably one of my favourite performances of his alongside that of his character of charlie bucket in the charlie and the chocolate factory remake.

girls (and guys) for those who like to shed a tear (or two) i (strongly) recommend a pack of hankies/tissues as this lovely little film will certainly tug at the heart-strings!!

this film was released on 23.11.07 in the uk and i certainly recommended this film for one and all!!!

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