August Rush Review

“Too Predictable”

March 6th, 2008

It's slow, too long and a melodramatic fairy tale that you just don't want to - or can't - believe in as the story goes on. The limit is when August learns how to play a Gibson in one night. OK, he's a Mozart-like prodigy, but it's too far-fetched. Your kid brother will enjoy it, may even want to pick up a guitar, but it's so full of nice sentiments and princess/prince charming elements that you're propulsed into a state of boredom, wishing the film would end soon. Too bad, for the actors are truly great. Robin Williams is credible as the psycho, frustrated rocker and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers could actually convert to music, especially if he continues to makes films like this. Shame, for the film could've gone elsewhere. Perhaps the director Kirsten Sheridan should've asked daddy (Jim Sheridan) for some pointers.

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