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In the future, Jake, a paraplegic war veteran is brought to another planet, Pandora, which is inhabited by the Na'vi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture. Those from Earth find themselves at odds with each other and the local culture.

Avatar News
James Cameron Announces Avatar Comic Book SeriesJames Cameron Announces Avatar Comic Book Series
Dark Horse Comics announced at New York Comic Con today that they are developing new comic books based on James Cameron's Avatar.
Explore Disney's Avatar Land with Photos, Posters & New DetailsExplore Disney's Avatar Land with Photos, Posters & New Details
Fans were able to walk through an Avatar Land exhibit and explore Pandora at D23.
James Cameron Has Avatar 5 Script, But Only Wants 3 SequelsJames Cameron Has Avatar 5 Script, But Only Wants 3 Sequels
Composer James Horner reveals that James Cameron currently has scripts for four Avatar sequels, but the director is trying to condense it into three movies.
Avatar Inspired Cirque du Soleil Tour AnnouncedAvatar Inspired Cirque du Soleil Tour Announced
Cirque du Soleil's next touring production will be inspired by director James Cameron's Avatar, debuting December 21st in Montreal.
Avatar Global Touring Exhibit Launches in 2016Avatar Global Touring Exhibit Launches in 2016
Fans will be able to explore the immersive environment of Pandora in a touring exhibit based on James Cameron's blockbuster Avatar.
James Cameron Visits Avatar Land in Disney Parks VideoJames Cameron Visits Avatar Land in Disney Parks Video
James Cameron pays a visit to Disney's offices to check out the bioluminescent forrest in the upcoming Avatar Land theme park.
James Cameron May Shoot Avatar Sequels at 120 FPSJames Cameron May Shoot Avatar Sequels at 120 FPS
Douglas Trumbull's 4K 3D system that films at 120 FPS may be used by James Cameron for his upcoming Avatar sequels.
Avatar Writers Get Official Sequel AssignmentsAvatar Writers Get Official Sequel Assignments
The first Avatar sequel script is expected to be turned into 20th Century Fox within the next few weeks, as director James Cameron confirms who is writing which screenplay.
James Cameron Confirms Sigourney Weaver Will Return for 3 Avatar SequelsJames Cameron Confirms Sigourney Weaver Will Return for 3 Avatar Sequels
It's revealed that Sigourney Weaver will play a new character in the next Avatar, as James Cameron discusses his long standing relationship with the actress.
James Cameron Explains How He Wrote the 3 Avatar Sequels SimultaneouslyJames Cameron Explains How He Wrote the 3 Avatar Sequels Simultaneously
James Cameron explains the parallel process he used with his co-writers to get all of the Avatar sequel scripts ready in time.
James Cameron and Cirque du Soleil Team Up for Live Avatar TourJames Cameron and Cirque du Soleil Team Up for Live Avatar Tour
The arena-touring Avatar show will debut in 2015, before the first of three sequels debuts in theaters December 2016.
Avatar Sequel Scripts Nearly Finished; Arnold Schwarzenegger Is OutAvatar Sequel Scripts Nearly Finished; Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Out
Director James Cameron has given a timetable for Avatar 2, 3 and 4 confirming that they are all in production simultaneously.
Avatar Sequels Are Still Being Written and DesignedAvatar Sequels Are Still Being Written and Designed
Director James Cameron talks about the lengthy production process, revealing that he is developing new software for this trio of upcoming sequels.
Watch as Avatar Land Begins Construction at Disney's Animal KingdomWatch as Avatar Land Begins Construction at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Producer Jon Landau was on hand for the official groundbreaking ceremony. Check out the video and photos from this week's event.
James Cameron Compares the Avatar Sequels to The Godfather TrilogyJames Cameron Compares the Avatar Sequels to The Godfather Trilogy
Fans will be introduced to new cultures and visit the underwater world of Pandora. The sequels will be shot in New Zealand.
Avatar Sequels Will Be Filmed in New ZealandAvatar Sequels Will Be Filmed in New Zealand
All three of James Cameron's upcoming sci-fi sequels are expected to be filmed one after another. A 2016 release date is being targeted for the first.
Avatar 2, 3 and 4 Begin Shooting Simultaneously in October 2014
Sam Worthington reveals that the scripts are still being worked on. He confirms that they plan to shoot all three sequels side-by-side.
Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom Featurette
Avatar director James Cameron and Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde showcases their work on this park attraction. Construction is slated to begin this year.
First Look at Avatar Land Inside Disney's Animal Kingdom
Fans will be able to visit the epic landscape of Pandora. The experience also includes sky riding on a Banshee.
James Cameron Hires Steven Charles Gould to Write Novels Based on Avatar and Its Sequels
The books will expand upon the filmmaker's stories for this epic film Quadrilogy, though no book release date has been set.
CONTEST: Win Avatar on Blu-ray 3D!
James Cameron's visual masterpiece is widely available on Blu-ray 3D for the first time October 23rd.
Avatar Blu-ray 3D Debuts Nationwide October 16th
The 3D version of James Cameron's record-breaking blockbuster was previously available only through an exclusive deal with Panasonic.
Avatar iTunes Special Edition Trailer
This new version of James Cameron's blockbuster will be available December 20, which includes the original script and an immense photo gallery.
Avatar Becomes a Walt Disney Parks Attraction!
Construction will start in 2013 on this unique Walt Disney World exhibit, being built within its Animal Kingdom park.
Avatar Universe Gets Franchise Branding from Kathy Franklin
James Cameron hires the President of Franchise Development at Lightstorm to take his property across all platforms and markets.
Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 Confirmed to Shoot at MBS Media Campus
The Manhattan Beach, California facility will lease over 115,000 square feet of stages and production office space for James Cameron's new Pandora tales.
Avatar Global Media Day with James Cameron
The Oscar-winning director joins producer Jon Landau to take us behind-the-scenes, and demonstrate what it took to bring this cinematic masterpiece to the big screen.
Avatar Deleted Scene from Extended Collector's Edition
Featuring Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) in a Future Earth bar brawl.
Sigourney Weaver Returning for Avatar 2?
The iconic sci-fi actress hints that she didn't die in the original Avatar, and that James Cameron has future plans for Dr. Grace Augustine.
Avatar Extended Collector's Edition Trailer with New Footage
You can watch some of the 45 new minutes of footage from this new DVD and BD release before it arrives in stores.
Avatar Extended Collector's Edition Releasing November 16th
Director James Cameron's masterpiece will now be available with a wealth of bonus features in both formats.
Avatar Special Edition to Feature Brother Termite Test Footage
The upcoming DVD/Blu-ray set will offer a peak at James Cameron's planned adaptation of the Patricia Anthony novel.
Avatar 3D Blu-ray Packaged with Panasonic 3D TV's
James Cameron's 3D movie will be available in early December only to those who purchase a Panasonic 3D TV.
Avatar Special Edition Blu-ray/DVD Brings Back Earthbound Opening
The upcoming release will also include 45 minutes of unfinished deleted scenes.
Avatar IMAX 3D Listings for Theatrical Re-Release
James Cameron's epic will be seen in 175 IMAX 3D theaters starting August 27.
New Avatar Re-Release and DVD Special Edition Details
The theatrical re-release will feature almost nine minutes of footage while the DVD will feature 16 minutes of unseen footage.
Avatar 2 and 3 Not Happening Until 2014?
James Cameron says that the back-to-back sequels are far away but that he may direct a secret project in the interim.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: James Cameron Talks Avatar Re-release, Avatar Sequels, Titanic 3D and More!
We go 1-on-1 with the Oscar winner to discuss Avatar, Titanic 3D, the Alien Prequel, an Aquaman movie, and more!
Avatar Special Edition Trailer!
Check out the trailer for the new version of the film with never-before-seen footage, arriving in theaters August 27.
Will You See Avatar Again in 3D?
We're asking our readers to chime in on what they think of the revolutionary movie's second spin in theaters, August 27th.
Avatar Special Edition Poster and International Release Dates
Get a look at the domestic re-release poster as well as the international release date calendar for the new edition of the film.
James Cameron Talks Avatar's Theatrical Re-Release
The film will be back in theaters on August 27 with nine never-before-seen minutes of footage.
The SUNDAY FUNNIES: Looking Back at the Week in Movie Humor
This week we take a look at The Other Guys going viral and an Avatar-obsessed tattoo guy.
James Cameron Shooting Avatar 2 and 3 Back-to-Back
The director also talks about completing the Avatar novel and what it will mean to the future of the franchise.
New Footage in the Avatar Re-Release TV Spot!
Watch the TV commercial for Avatar's special edition return to selected 3D theaters, and see some never-before-seen footage.
Sam Worthington Talks Avatar Re-release and Clash of the Titans 2
The star is adamant that Clash 2 is shot in 3D and not converted.
Avatar Returns to Theaters on August 27th
The film will feature eight minutes of never-before-seen footage.
Avatar Sweeps All Three Home Video Charts in Its Third Week on Shelves
The James Cameron blockbuster topped the DVD sales, rental and Blu-ray sales charts.
Avatar Sells 19.7 Million DVD and Blu-ray Discs
The film becomes the fastest selling DVD of all-time after only 3 weeks.
Avatar Continues Its Reign Atop the Home Video Charts
It's Complicated topped the rental charts while Avatar held down the DVD and Blu-ray sales crowns.
Avatar Easily Sweeps All Three Home Video Charts
The James Cameron epic was tops in DVD sales, rentals and Blu-ray sales.
Avatar Breaks Records with 6.7 Million DVDs and Blu-rays Sold
The disc is already the biggest DVD/BD release of the year after just four days in release.
James Cameron Says Avatar 2 Will Dive Into the Oceans of Pandora
The director also confirms the rumors of a summertime Avatar re-release with new footage.
EXCLUSIVE: CCH Pounder Is Queen Moat in James Cameron's Avatar
The sci-fi phenomenon arrives on DVD and Blu-ray in time to celebrate Earth Day this April 22nd.
Zoe Saldana on Star Trek 2's Start Date
The actress recently revealed that she expected to know when filming would start soon.
Avatar Passes the $100 Million Mark in International IMAX
The film is the first IMAX release to cross the box office milestone.
James Cameron Talks Avatar DVD Deleted Scenes and Theatrical Re-Release
The director recently spoke about the November special edition DVD and this summer's re-release of the film.
Avatar Earth Day Initiatives Set to Plant Over 1 Million Trees
Take a look at all the details of how you can get involved on Earth Day, April 22.
Avatar Sequel, Battle Angel or The Dive Next Up for James Cameron?
Producer Jon Landau drops some hints at what Cameron could be directing next.
Jon Landau Reveals More Titanic Plans for 3D and Blu-ray Releases
James Cameron's producer recently spoke about 3D and BD plans for the 1997 classic.
Avatar Brings Pandora to DVD and Blu-ray on April 22nd
We have some early details on this new DVD and BD release.
Robot Chicken Set to Spoof Avatar and Twilight
Series co-creator Seth Green revealed plans to spoof the two popular films.
Avatar Re-release Planned for This Summer and Titanic 3D Targeted for Spring 2012?
James Cameron discusses plans for both monumental films.
82nd Academy Award Winners!
The Hurt Locker sweeps this year's award show to take Best Picture and Best Director!
LIVE! Chat About Oscar Winners as They're Announced!
Get your two cents in about this year's Academy Award winners as they happen. Watch LIVE red carpet footage now!
Stephen Lang Offered the Villain Role in Conan
The Avatar actor is in talks to play Khalar Singh.
Is James Cameron Calling the Avatar Sequel Nav'i?
The director recently revealed some more plans he has for the proposed sequel.
The Hurt Locker Producer Apologizes for Anti-Avatar Oscar Related Emails
Producer Nicolas Chartier is in some hot water over emails he sent that violated Academy rules.
Avatar and Up Win Big at Visual Effects Society Awards
The James Cameron film and Pixar animated film walked away with the main awards.
Will Sigourney Weaver Return for Avatar 2?
The actress recently revealed in an interview that it's possible.
Avatar Wins Big at the Lumiere Awards
James Cameron's film wins six awards at the inaugural 3D awards ceremony.
Avatar Passes $200 Million IMAX Mark
James Cameron's blockbuster has achieved another box-office milestone.
The 2010 Writers Guild of America Awards Winners
The Hurt Locker and Up in the Air take home the feature film awards.
Avatar Will Not Come Out in 3D Blu-ray in November
Fox Home Entertainment says that 3D Blu-ray is in the "conceptual stage."
Avatar Coming to DVD and Blu-ray April 22nd?
James Cameron revealed in a recent interview that a bare bones release was set for that date.
James Cameron to Write Avatar Prequel Novel
The book would go deeper into some of the stories that were only briefly touched on in the film version.
Marc Webb and James Cameron Meet to Discuss Spider-Man Reboot in 3D
Avatar producer Jon Landau reveals their team has met with Webb's remake team.
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: Dear John Beats Avatar with $32.4 Million
The film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks beloved book unseats James Cameron's 3D epic after eight weeks atop the charts.
Avatar Surpasses Titanic as the Highest Grossing Domestic Film!
James Cameron's latest epic now stands at $601.2 million for its domestic haul.
Avatar 2 Talks in Early Stages
James Cameron and News Corp. have started to discuss a sequel.
Warner Bros. Confirms 3D Releases for Clash of the Titans and Harry Potter 7
The studio also confirms that Clash of the Titans will bow a week later on April 2.
The 82nd Annual Academy Award Nominations Are In!
Avatar and The Hurt Locker lead the Oscar race with 9 nominations each.
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: Avatar Adds Another $30 Million to Its Earnings
James Cameron's 3D epic is king of the box office for the seventh week in a row while Mel Gibson's film grabs 2nd place.
RealD Brings Stereoscopic 3D to Avatar: The Game
The 3D company is teaming up with Ubisoft and Fox for the upcoming game.
Avatar Breaks Titanic's Worldwide Box Office Record Becoming the #1 Grossing Film of All-Time!
James Cameron's film has made history after just six weeks in theaters.
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: Avatar Earns Yet Another $36 Million!
James Cameron's 3D epic is king of the box office once again while the new "end of days" set film starring Paul Bettany is right behind it at second place.
Avatar to Replace The Dark Knight as Second Highest Grossing Film of All-Time
James Cameron's Golden Globe winning film dominated the Friday box office with $9.1 million.
HEY, PAULINGTON: The Na'vi, Depression, Conan, Frogs, and You!
Paulington answers all of your questions in this life advice column for the true cinephile!
Go Behind-the-Scenes with This 22 Minute Avatar Featurette!
Check out how James Cameron created the amazing world of Pandora.
Could Avatar's 3D Inspire 3D Versions of Star Wars?
It seems George Lucas was impressed by Cameron's film and could use his technology for 3D versions of his films.
Avatar Continues to Break Box-Office Records
The film became the fastest film to earn $500 million over the holiday weekend.
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: Avatar Continues to Set Records Earning Another $41 Million
James Cameron's epic dominates the box office once again with Denzel Washington's action film close behind at second place.
Avatar Passes $100 Million in Global IMAX
The James Cameron film has taken in $68 million in domestic IMAX grosses.
James Cameron Reveals His Pre-Planned Avatar Sequel
The film has now become the fourth highest domestic grossing film of all time.
Fans Depressed and Coping with the Intangibility of Avatar's Pandora!
Fans unite around the web about being depressed that Pandora isn't real! Feel the same? Speak out!
Avatar Behind-the-Scenes TV Special This Saturday on FX
Avatar: Creating the World of Pandora will air on January 16 at 11 PM.
2010 Writers Guild of America Nominations Announced
Avatar, Star Trek and The Hangover are among the nominated films.
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: Avatar Breaks Records with Another $48.5 Million
James Cameron's 3D epic continues to break records as it takes the number one spot on the charts for the fourth week in a row.
Download the Entire Avatar Screenplay!
Compare the film's original script against the final cut, now in theaters and check out what didn't make it into the film.
HEY, PAULINGTON: Avatar, Homelessness, and CriticWatch 2009!
Paulington answers all of your questions in this life advice column for the true cinephile!
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