Babel Review

“Arrogance And Ignorance Will Always Be Our Downfall!”

September 30th, 2010

The world deals with so much cultural diversity, language barriers and oppression. It is all because of humanity, the fear of uncertainty that comes into our daily lives.

We do have so much to work on, to make ourselves better people, to reach out and to understand what is going on around us and the world. People live their lives just for the main purpose of surviving and worse to the brink of extinction due to our incapacity to have compassion for our fellow men.

We fear for our safety, our children, our friends and family that every day we go to sleep and not knowing what's going to happen to us by tomorrow's time. It's a clock work that we have to surmise and that a day will come when there will be no one else to hang on to, no more people nor loved ones to share your dreams with all because of the lack of concern, the love for oneself and to those in our midst.

The story revolved around 4 families separated in 3 continents hundreds of thousands of miles away and yet connected to an outcome...ignorance and prejudice!

Separated and facing their own dilemma, the Director of the film conducts every possible angle to bring the story into its fruition by delving into people's way of living. The precipice of life that deals with every single family connects the dots in each pace. It may seem farfetched for this to happen but with all honesty, it will be the most inconvenient truth that makes the world, countries, people more separated.

Every scene was given ample tasks to deliver and a situation that depicts the moral of the story on how we can cope up and let these barriers can be used as tools to be made either as weapons of anger or through words uttered to reach out to understand what we do feel inside.

In the end, there is always a place to come home and its always our family, our roots, where the ripple effect always originates, this will be the thing that can bring us back to ground zero and help us take comfort, to heal and make things better.


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