Back to The Future Review

“An All Time Classic”

December 30th, 2010

This film, along with the others in the trilogy, is a truly all time great film that has been entertaining for 25 years and has remained one of my favorite films of all time. Everything about this film was memorable: the acting, the screenplay, the visuals, the directing, everything about Back to the Future has made this film truly amazing and will keep entertaining future generations of film lovers.

The screenplay was truly a classic, from turning a beautiful DeLorean DMC-12 into a sexy time machine to Marty McFly on stage singing one of Chuck Berry's classic "Johnny B. Goode," everything about the screenplay left memorable moments for movie goers alike. One of the best things about the screenplay was its ability to combine different genres, such as comedy, science fiction, drama, etc., and combine them all into a beautifully written screenplay and Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale have done some of the best writing ever and should have won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

The acting was another memorable classic. Everybody in Back to the Future has done their absolute best and Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, and Thomas F. Wilson were all terrific and memorable but the real stand outs from the film, that everyone for 25 years has loved, is Michael J. Fox and Christopher Llyod as they play Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown and the relationship between these two have become one of the most memorable buddy comedy roles ever. Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly was brilliant as he plays an average teenager sent back into time and meets his parents and I don't think anybody had Michael J. Fox's ability to blend seriousness and comedy the way he did and he was definitely the right choice. Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown was also brilliant and hilarious. Lloyd has done a fantastic job to blend the Docs eccentricness with comedy and seriousness and, like Michael J. Fox; I don't think anybody could do any better.

The directing by Robert Zemeckis was a real stand out and was definitely a break out film for him. Mr. Zemeckis was definitely the best choice to direct Back to the Future as he was able to capture every character and every scene perfectly and every second he was filming was every classic second that eventually became Back to the Future and turned him into one of the best directors around.

The visuals were amazing. Like Star Wars, Industrial Light & Magic have done it again by doing some of the most groundbreaking visual effects of all time that has influenced special effects to this day. As with the cinematography done by Dean Cundey, they have made everything beautifully, from the effects of the Delorean going back in time to the scenery of 1955, Industrial Light & Magic have proven themselves once again why they are one of the best in the business.

Overall, I give this film 10/10, hell even all the stars in the space time continuum. Back to the Future is truly an all time classic that generations and generations of moviegoers have seen and loved and future generations will see. If this is your first time seen it then strap on your seat belt, punch in your destination and get ready, CUZ WERE SENDING YOU BACK TO THE FUTURE.


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