Batman Forever


Gotham City's caped crusader faces two new villians: Two-Face and The Riddler. Formerly District Attorney, Harvey Dent, Two-Face believes that Batman caused the courtroom accident that left him disfigured and has begun to retalliate against Gotham. He is joined by Edward Nygma who, as The Riddler, has come up with a method to drain the information from all the brains in Gotham.

Joining Batman in his fight against these new threats are Dick Grayson who, after his family is killed by Two-Face, joins Batman as his new partner, Robin - the Boy Wonder. Batman must defeat his new foes while juggling his double life as Bruce Wayne, millionaire philanthropist and hiding his alter-ego from his love interest, Dr. Chase Meridian.

‘Batman’, ‘Batman Returns’, ‘Batman Forever’ and ‘Batman and Robin’ Come to Blu-ray on May 4th

You can bring home all four films featuring your favorite Dark Knight on Blu-ray this May. Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin will each be released individually on Blu-ray on May 4. The films were previously available on BD in the Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997, but now you can own these titles individually, priced at $24.98 SRP. Take a look at the special features details below.

Jack Nicholson is the Joker, who emerged from a horrible accident as a maniacal criminal. Michael Keaton is the Caped Crusader, who emerged from a childhood trauma to become a masked crime-fighter. Kim Basinger is Vicki Vale, the talented photojournalist desired by both men. And Batman is the movie, the all-out spectacular directed by Tim Burton, set to songs by Prince and a music score by Danny Elfman, and an Academy Award winner* for Best Art Direction/Set Decoration (Anton Furst and Peter Young).

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2-Disc Special Edition ‘Batman’ Films Coming to DVD

According to The Hollywood Reporter, on the heels of the theatrical success of Batman Begins and the birth of a new bat franchise, Warner Home Video said Tuesday that it will release a series of two-disc special editions of the four original Batman movies from the late 1980s and '90s.

Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin will be released Oct. 18. They will be available individually and as a gift set, Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997.

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