Batman: Gotham Knight


Anime-inspired direct-to-DVD anthology film. Comprised of six short stories, from diverse creators, including Academy Award-nominated Josh Olsen (A History of Violence), Batman Begins writer David S. Goyer, and comics scribe Brian Azzarello. It's planned for a release window of two to four weeks prior to the release of The Dark Knight, and would bridge the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

‘Batman: Gotham Knight’ Explodes Across the Web with New Trailer

Warner Home Video has been hard at work establishing a web presence for Batman: Gotham Knight. First, the official website for the film has been updated. Additionally, a MySpace and Facebook site have been created for the film as well.

All three websites feature a new trailer for the direct-to-DVD animated feature that serves as a bridge between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. And you can see the trailer below as well!

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Kevin Conroy Speaks About ‘Batman: Gotham Knight’

Kevin Conroy had studied for and starred on the stage, advanced his career through soap operas, and was featured in television series like Dynasty and Tour of Duty. He had no idea that stepping into a sound booth in 1991 to audition for his first cartoon voiceover role would forever cement his place in the annals of animation and help to extend the Batman legacy to untold legions of fans.

Conroy quickly became the Batman voice by which all others are judged - and rarely assessed as an equal. He has cast a loud shadow in voicing the Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne for 17 years, beginning with Batman: The Animated Series and continuing through 16 films, video games and animated series (covering more than 220 episodes). He reprises the role in triumphant fashion in Batman: Gotham Knight, the highly-anticipated third film in the ongoing series of DC Universe animated original PG-13 movies.

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Vocal Cast Revealed for ‘Batman: Gotham Knight’

Kevin Conroy, the benchmark by which fans compare all Batman voices, returns to the title role in Batman: Gotham Knight, the third release in the DC Universe Animated Original Movie series from DC Comics, Warner Premiere, Warner Home Video and Warner Bros. Animation, it was announced today. The all-new, original movie will hit the streets on July 8, 2008 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, as well as OnDemand and Pay-per-View. The film will be available for download on the same date.

Batman: Gotham Knight is a fresh and exciting new entry into the Batman mythos, spinning out of a 40-year history in animation including the Emmy-winning Batman: The Animated Series, widely considered a pivotal moment in American animation. A cross section of distinguished creators, award-winning producers, and acclaimed writers weave six interlocking stories that reveal Bruce Wayne's journey to The Dark Knight, each with stylish art from some of the world's most revered animation visionaries.

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