Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 Review

“With A Amazing Performance From Michael Emerson, The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 Brings This Story To A Dark And Gritty Conclusion”

January 15th, 2013

So after watching Part 2 of DC Comics 2 part adaption of Frank Millers acclaimed 1986 graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, I must say its well worth the wait. They definetly step it up a notch and make this twice as dark as Part 1 and delivers a terrific conclusion that any Batman fan will enjoy

The screenplay by Bob Goodman can just be summed off in 1 word: Dark. Continuing where Part 1 left off, Part 2 continues the story of Frank Millers acclaimed graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, with Batman coming out of a 10 year retirement to return to protect Gotham City from a new threat while at the sametime battling old demons. In Part 2 Batman goes up against 2 of his most challenging battles ever as Batman must do battle with The Joker for the last time and fight the Man of Steel himself Superman. Let me just say, like the novel itself, Part 2 is just dark. This to me is why I love DC Comics over Marvel, they're not afraid to go dark and push the envelope to stay true to Millers novel. Now while the fight with the Joker is the best part of the film, the fight with Superman leaves you feeling for more, like you wanted to see more of it but overall it should leave you satified

Theres not really much that I can talk about with the acting, with the majority of the cast returning from Part 1, so I'll about our newcomers: Michael Emerson as The Joker and Mark Valley as Superman. Michael Emerson was the real highlight of this film, portraying the Joker as a new darker version of The Joker, whos is done with the old traditional Joker who likes to toy with Batman and now is just hell bent on killing anything that moves to get Batmans attention, you could say he even tapped in alittle of Heath Ledgers Joker as he tries to corrupt Batman, to finally drive him over the edge in their final battle. Also in Part 2 he seemed to have a certain obession with Batman, that would borderline to the point of a sexual attraction with Batman.

Mark Valley as Superman was also a delight, as Valley had a George Newbern type voice, reminding me alittle of Superman from the Justice League. Valley portrayed Superman as a guy whose against his will really, he doesnt mind saving the world but when it comes to the task of taking out Batman, he doesnt want to but at the same time he has to because if he doesnt then someone else and Valley definetly did a great job as the Man of Steel.

The Directing done by Jay Oliva was terrific, like I said it was like it was like watching an episode of Batman: The Animated Series, but this time it was way darker. It was like a futuristic Batman: TAS and I applaud Oliva for capturing this dark gritty portrayl of Batman: TAS's future.

The visuals in Part 2 were also terrific, again its like watching a Batman: The Animated Series in the future but just way darker. Again it stays true to Millers novel and retains that dark, gritty feel that any Batman fan will enjoy.

I gotta say I give Part 2 a 9.0-9.5/10 stars. Now while I feel Part 2 is better than Part 1, thanks to Michael Emersons portrayl of The Joker, I felt as if I was wanting more from it, but overall I will please any fan of Batman animated films or DC Comics films. So I would definetly recommend getting it and before you watch it, watch Part 1 first and then kick back and watch Part 2 of one of the best Batman graphic novels of all time come to life in the 2 part adaption of Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns.


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