Beauty Shop


You thought you'd heard it all in the barbershop, but you haven't heard anything yet - the women get their own chance to shampoo, shine, and speak their minds in "Beauty Shop". From the producers that brought you "Barbershop" and "Barbershop 2," Queen Latifah stars as Gina, a hairstylist who opens a shop of her own.


Movie PictureMovie Picture12:00 (MW) SOJU AFTER MOVIE 2

(Entertainment) A Very Special Episode. While Imperial Mantooth undergoes a life-threatening kidney transplant (i.e. – his girlfriend has dragged him to another 400 Blows show), B. Alan Orange and Rage reconvene at Sao Rae Gwan to discuss his life, which now hangs in the balance. Jealous of all the attention Imperial is receiving on his "death" bed, Rage starts to feel neglected. To cheer her up, B. Alan rechristens the show "Movies Fo' Bitches", making her honorary Host for the day. But when his Mom, Mrs. Orange, steals the spotlight, and Mantooth pulls through with a last minute cameo, the whole thing blows up in Orange's face like a well-timed bomb, leaving Rage to cry in the corner like a little girl.

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The ‘Beauty Shop’ Customers

The Barbershop movies always focused on the barbers, and while spinoff Beauty Shop has plenty of hair stylists to make a movie, they let the customers get into it too. Mena Suvari and Andie MacDowell play Atlanta socialites who come to Gina (Queen Latifah)’s neighborhood salon for their hair needs and some friendly banter. Latifah was a major force in bringing such diverse talents together.

MacDowell’s character makes out of touch reference like “Janice Jackson” and cannot figure out that her husband is having an affair. Suvari’s character was compared to Paris Hilton by her costars.

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Atlanta Vs. Van Nuys in ‘Beauty Shop’

Beauty Shop takes place in the city of Atlanta, where catfish and greens are sold in street carts and the southern socialites go to Gina’s hair salon in the spinoff from the Barbershop movies. However, the film only shot one week on location in Atlanta and recreated the location in a Van Nuys studio for the majority of the shoot.

Beauty Shop opens Wednesday.

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Wilmer Valderrama and Golden Brooks join ‘Beauty Shop’

Woodruff directs from a script by Kate Lanier, Norm Vance and Audrey Wells.

Beauty Shop was released March 30th, 2005.

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Andie MacDowell, Alfre Woodard and Bryce Wilson join ‘Beauty Shop’

Beauty Shop: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Andie MacDowell, Alfre Woodard and Bryce Wilson are joining the cast of MGM's Queen Latifah comedy Beauty Shop. MacDowell will play a conservative Southern socialite who goes through a rebirth when she follows Queen Latifah's character from her fancy hairdressers, run by Jorge (Kevin Bacon), to her new salon.

MacDowell next appears in The Last Sign\ from director Douglas Law. Woodard's upcoming features include The Forgotten with Julianne Moore.

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Kevin Bacon joins the cast of ‘Beauty Shop’

Beauty Shop: According to Variety, Kevin Bacon has joined the cast of MGM's Barbershop spinoff Beauty Shop.

In the comedy, which has already begun production, Bacon will play Jorge, a flamboyant owner of a hair salon who becomes the nemesis of a former employee (played by Queen Latifah) after she quits working for him and starts up her own competing beauty shop in Atlanta.

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Mena Suvari joins the cast of BEAUTY SHOP

Honey's Bille Woodruff directs.

Suvari will play Joanne, an upper-crust opinionated socialite, in the Barbershop spinoff. The story revolves around a beauty shop run by Gina (Queen Latifah) where there's more interest in the talk than the haircuts. Silverstone plays the sole white staffer, while Hounsou plays the leading man.

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Scarlett Johansson to star in 'Napoleon and Betsy'

Napoleon and Betsy: According to Variety, Lions Gate has acquired "Napoleon and Betsy," a pitch for a drama about the friendship between Napoleon Bonaparte and a young British girl.

Scarlett Johansson pitched the tale with Rebecca B. Kennedy, the scribe who is scripting the tale. They're putting together a short list for Napoleon.

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