Becoming Jane


"Becoming Jane" centers on a love affair British novelist Jane Austen (Hathaway) began as a 20-year-old -- with brilliant, roguish Irishman Tom Lefroy -- that inspired her career as one of the world's great romantic writers. The movie also looks at how the writer's relationship with Lefroy helped create the male characters in "Pride & Prejudice."

Anne Hathaway Is Jane Austen in ‘Becoming Jane’

Anne Hathaway continues her meteoric rise with the next logical step for an American actress on the road to stardom: English period costume drama. Hathaway stars as romance literature's favorite heroine, Jane Austen, in Becoming Jane; a quasi-historical film about the author's first love with a Scottish lawyer (James McAvoy). The film has its moments and continues the diverse career path Hathaway has wisely chosen. The actress goes back to her comedy roots as "Agent 99" alongside Steve Carell in next year's remake of Get Smart.

So you're an American actress playing Jane Austen with a cast of reputable British actors. Did you worry about the accent?

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