Being Julia


"Being Julia" is a delicious tale of amorous folly and revenge set in the world of the London stage in the late 1930's. Based on the novel Theatre by W. Somerset Maugham, it is the story of reigning diva Julia Lambert whose success and fame grow suddenly wearisome. She falls head over heels for a young American, Tom, and begins a passionate May - December affair. When she realizes that Tom is just a young social climber whose real passion is ambitious young starlet Avice Crichton, Julia begins to plot a delightful revenge. A "Dangerous Liaisons" set in the glittering world of London theatre, "Being Julia" is at once playful, sexy and viciously satisfying.

Annette Bening talks ‘Being Julia’!

Movie PictureAnnette Bening makes her yearly foray unto the big screen with Being Julia, a film adaptation of the classic W. Somerset Maugham novel. It is a period film but highly relevant to today’s world. She plays Julia, a famous actress that avoids the trappings of age and surprises everyone around her. It’s a real female empowerment story. Annette sparkled during the interview. She was upbeat and had an extremely professional demeanor. You get the feeling that she’s a very classy person. The film is a showpiece for her acting skill. It’s much more glamorous than anything she’s done recently. I think she wants to show everyone that she’s still got it. And she does.

What was your first reaction to the script? Did you have to play Julia?

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