Bernie Review

“At Times, It Has The Feel To A Special On The History Channel While Still Being A Somehwat Entertaining Film”

February 26th, 2013

The story is structured like a documentary, and I remember being intrigued by some of the interviews and commentaries because they felt so legitimate and real. I kept thinking,wow, these actors can really make this feel like a true interview you would see in a situation like this. Ironically, I went into the film not knowing it was based off the real thing and that some of the commentators are real people from Carthage. Don't I feel dumb. However, that only goes to show how well done it was. At times, it has the feel to a special on the History channel while still being a somewhat entertaining film.

It entertains to an extent, but with a lot of the movie being interviews and commentaries, it does tend to send our eyes wandering and our minds off into a day dream. Bernie is a friendly funeral director who, due to his dedication to his job, has no time to day dream. He's busy doing his best to perfect funeral services and comfort the bereaved. His hard work and love for people has only made him equally loved by the entire town. Even the grumpy, old Marjorie Nugent couldn't hate him at first. When he and Marjorie begin to get serious together, things go well. However, as the story progresses, Bernie becomes more and more like a slave answering to Marjorie's every whim.

We all have our breaking points. Even the wonderfully sensitive, couldn't hurt a fly guy, Bernie Tiede. Marjorie pushes Bernie just as she pushes everybody in Carthagee, which is why nobody cares that Bernie kills her. Their relationship was the epitome or some high school relationships - a great guy getting mistreated by the bitchy girlfriend. Although, most of us high schoolers wouldn't resort to murder.

"Bernie" is an interesting crime, comedy. It's not really very funny, but Jack Black's performance is interesting to watch. While it may be his best and most surprising role yet, it certainly isn't the most lively nor the most entertaining. It has a script that is honest and convincing thanks to the actors and even the real life citizens. They make I t impossible for us not to like Bernie. He could have been the leader of a genocide, and we'd still want him to go free. We would just blame the victims like the people of Carthage do.

As a reccomendation, i wouldn't rush out to see this. It might be one to catch if you dont have anything better to do. It's on Netflix, so it might be good to check it out on a rainy day. The film is definitely special, but I couldn't get into it as much as I would have liked. It lacks any real drive, and I was just about as interested as I would have been if I were watching an informative show about how salt water taffy is made, but hey, some people are into that stuff.

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