Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes


After a "Bigfoot Hunter" claims to possess the body of a dead Sasquatch, a disgraced investigative journalist stakes his comeback -- and the lives of his documentary film crew -- on proving the find to be a hoax.

EXCLUSIVE: Corey Grant Talks ‘Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes’

EXCLUSIVE: Corey Grant Talks ‘Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes’

It's been a while since Bigfoot graced us with his presence at the local Cineplex, but that's all about to change as two different "found footage" thrillers starring the elusive creature make their way to the big screen. Lionsgate's Bigfoot County is a little ways away, which means that director Corey Grant has the upper hand. His Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes is opening in select theaters this Friday, October 19th, and as history proves, the first movie to the market is almost always the winner.

It's a great film to boot, especially for bigfoot enthusiast such as Corey Grant and myself. The Lost Coast Tapes follows a disgraced investigative journalist who sets out expose the body of a Sasquatch hiding in a local man's freezer. What happens next is completely bonkers. Trust us, if you need a little Squatch in your life, this will do the trick!

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