Black Limousine


A ghost story set in the city of dreams.

Directed by the founder of Cineville Carl Colpaert (G.I. Jesus), this surreal Hollywood story created a buzz on the film festival circuit, winning the audience award at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. Black Limousine is stylish and unique with a top-notch cast and memorable performances by David Arquette (Scream 4, “Dancing with the Stars”), Bijou Phillips (Almost Famous), Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill Vol. 1), Nicholas Bishop (“Body of Proof”) and Lin Shay (There’s Something About Mary).

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Black Limousine’ DVD Clip

We have an exclusive cilp from the upcoming Anchor Bay title Black Limousine, debuting on DVD July 10. David Arquette stars as Jack MacKenzie, a former movie composer who now makes a living as a limo driver, and forms a friendship with a top Hollywood actor. Take a look at this scene where Jack applies for the limo driver position.

Jack MacKenzie (Arquette), once a hot Hollywood composer, has fallen on hard times. Having resorted to taking a draining job as a limo driver just to make ends meet, he is a broken man, trying to put his life back together by picking up the pieces of a shattered family and career. Jack's sprit and sanity have been crushed by the loss of his first daughter and he has turned to alcohol to deal with the grief.

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