Blade: Trinity Review

“Mother Fucker I'll Kill You!”

May 1st, 2008

This is probably my favorite of the three films, and that's just because it went back, and focused more on vampires, instead of those weird Reaper creatures. I don't mind them, but I preferred the vampires.

David S. Goyer is the director of this film, and I'd say he was a relatively good choice, since he brought us a great film like this, and The Invisible, and next year will be bringing us X-Men Origins: Magneto.

Wesley Snipes once again returns as the star of the show, Blade. He is great at all of his martial arts as always and even better at pretending he's drugged, towards the beginning. Just the way he acts, and his distance from everything except Whistler, is what really makes him Blade, and when the original vampire, Dracula, shows up, He must unwillingly ban together with people he does not know, and he even meets the daughter of the Late Abraham Whistler, Abbigail Whistler.

Abigail, or Abbi, Whistler is played by Jessica Biel, who does a wonderful job. In my opinion Jessica Biel looks and acts like Whistler so it was good casting call on the director's part with her. She must band together with Blade and the other Nightstalkers so that she can get a cure, destroy the vampires, and avenge her father's death. She does this with the help of her good buddy, Hannibal King.

Hannibal King is played by Ryan Reynolds, a great actor from such films as The Ammityville Horror, and Smokin' Aces, and soon to be starring as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He is great as a smart ass, as well he should be with practice from his movie Van Wilder in which he also plays a smart ass. His acting is great, and his on stage chemistry with Parker Posey, who plays Danica Talos, his ex-girlfriend/vampire, is just hilarious to watch, as they duke it out.

Dominic Purcell stars in this film as Dracula, who now goes by the more modern name of Dracula. He is a very convincing bad guy/ vampire. and it is awesome to see him transform into a demonic looking true vampire form. Absolutely stunning!!!!!

The storyline of this movie is action packed, and straight forward. The quest of Dracula is one that is used quite a bit, and this way was incredibly unique and modernized. I liked how they brought him into the new century, and made him seem a bit more human. I also liked the shape-shifting into anything ability. Another new trait that was interesting to see. I don't know how well this follows the comic book series since I just found out last year that it was a Marvel Comic, but I still think it's a great movie. It'll grab you immediately, and won't let go till it's over.

The visuals in this movie were amazing, to say the least. As was the case in the last one, the reaper mouths were incredible, and actually looked convincing. Also, when Drake transforms into the demon form, it's incredible, and very believable. I just like the looks of it too. The arc lazer is another cool point to see, as well as all the high tech weapons that the NightStalkers wear. Truly Incredible.

All in all I'd say this is a great movie that is definately worth the watch, and if you are a fan of Blade or even Vampires, that this would be a movie to add to your collection, and even those who don't like these kind of movies might enjoy this one.


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  • flrep07 • 8 years ago

    This movie was awesome. I liked the fact that they added Dracula into our world with Blade!! Thats crazy!! Also Ryan Reynolds was hilarious in the movie and Jessica Biel kicked some serious ass with her Ipod. Lol


    • catwoman • 8 years ago

      I liked the first 2, but not this one so much. Maybe I'll rent it again, because you make it sound so good.


      • 007freak • 8 years ago

        I prefer the second over them all