Bloodsucking Bastards Reviews

  • "Bloodsucking Bastards" simply isn't worth the time it takes to get rolling.

    Tom Long — Detroit News

  • "Bloodsucking Bastards" only occasionally matches the inspiration of its jokey title.

    Michael Rechtshaffen — Los Angeles Times

  • [The film] pays off, but it takes a lot of sloppy legwork to get to the good stuff.

    Paste Magazine

  • ...the film sinks its teeth into toxic elements of office culture, such as the trampling of individuality...or simply how no one ever bothers to learn the janitor's name.

    Rob Staeger — L.A. Weekly

  • Bloodsucking Bastards is the workplace comedy you didn't think you needed, boasting a satirical intelligence that's even sharper than its blood-coated fangs.

    Matt Donato — We Got This Covered

  • Brian James O'Connel's Bloodsucking Bastards is a corporate comedy where the new-hires are also vampires, but remain, for all the occasional big-stake takeovers or explosions of blood, more like metaphors for a certain model of middle management.

    Anton Bitel

  • I'm forgiving of DIY productions that work without much of a bottom line, but there are some basic film techniques that still need to be considered, and don't cost a dime.

    Brian Tallerico —

  • For a Friday night rental with some friends and a six-pack (or three), you could do much worse.

    AV Club

  • While it's not offensively violent, it's full of sexist jokes. And while many viewers will be able to relate to jabs at bottom-feeding companies, they'll probably wonder how such a lackluster script ever became a movie.

    Charles Ealy — Austin American-Statesman

  • Fans of gory-fied movies will not be disappointed by the crimson geysers to be witnessed late in the movie when the narrative pace finally climbs above "comatose" and the blood bags outnumber the sentences in the screenplay.

    Dann Gire

  • While this isn't anywhere near a classic of the comedy-horror genre, it's still a well-written work of splatstick that's more downright engaging than 90% of the "serious" (i.e., mediocre) horrors that have flooded theatres of late.

    Marc Savlov — Austin Chronicle

  • Bloody enough to satisfy fans who want their comedy with some bite.

    Maitland McDonagh — Film Journal International

  • The horror-comedy recalls the vulgar wit of Mike Judge's cult classic [Office Space] and installs gory vampire action into its banal office setting.

  • It evinces a qualified kind of courage in its anonymous convictions, parodying a world that barely ever existed by barely existing itself.

    Slant Magazine

  • A semi-funny farce about the modern workplace--with vampires -- that takes entirely too long to show us where it's going

    Roger Moore — Movie Nation

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