Boondock Saints Review

“One Of The Best Inspired Motion Pictures Out There!”

July 28th, 2011

I've wanted to watch this movie really bad after hearing some friends of mine saying how good it was. But I always watch a trailer first before I see a single clip, because I wouldn't know what I'm going up against. It was a very interesting trailer and I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy this film, so I bought it. I thought this movie was pretty fascinating action, thriller. It had my favorite kinds of directory when it comes to action sequences and most of them are something I've never seen before. This film was inspired by an awful sight that director Troy Duffy saw when he came home from his job to find a dead woman being wheeled out of a drug dealer's apartment across the hall. Afterwards he rented a computer so he could write the screenplay for 'The Boondock Saints'. To tell you the truth guys, this is how I mostly grab ideas for a film or the best way to think up an idea: What do you disgust or what do you think is wrong? People like, Kevin Costner, James Cameron, or Michael Jackson has done the same thing. I created a story a year ago out of my disgust and it was over the skinning and beheading of animals. There should only be hunting for feast, cause I think it's just plain cruel and unfair. Just like that scene in 'Dances with Wolves' with the many skinned buffalo on the field. Hopefully in the future there will be a film titled 'The Red and the Grey' directed by Keevan Guy (me) based off of my disgust in cruelty. Now, one about drug dealers and what not is the perfect idea.

After Irish-American brothers Connor and Murphy MacManus cheat death with the Russian mob a day after Saint Patrick's Day, the two decide to voluntarily stay overnight at a police station, where the they receive a message from God to rid Boston of all evil. Connor and Murphy, with the aid of their friend Rocco, set out on numerous campaigns to rid Boston of evil, leaving behind a path of destruction. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Paul Smecker is assigned the task of investigating the aftermath of each mission conducted by the MacManus brothers and Rocco. The more pieces Smecker fits into the puzzle, the more he asks himself: Should he continue his job and possibly arrest the trio, or join them in their mission to destroy evil?

I think the story was well told and constructed, but I wanted more out of William Dafoe's character, just a climax to his character and that's it. But, everything else was perfect. I had no problems with the rest. Especially how they show the events that took place in the crime scene after Smecker (William Dafoe) investigates the aftermath. And I loved it how Smecker explains the last crime while he's pasted into the scene where the event happens. But, what I love the most in this movie is Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus' performance in their role. Now, they can act really good in all emotions, especially anger. William Dafoe can always play freaky, smart, and even gay. These guys were perfect, I love the acting in this film, because for an inspired film of your disgust, there's gotta be a great performance, always.

The directory in this film is awesome, I love the shootouts and the well-planned action sequences, like the assassinations starting from falling through a vent, ropes tied to their legs, hanging, spinning, shooting, in a circular room surrounded with targets. Now, that's jealousy out of John Woo. These guys knew how to make a shootout completely epic, stunning, and beautiful. You blow a whole bunch of stuff caused by bullets, you put it all in slow motion and don't do the shaking camera thing which most action films nowadays do. I'm not saying it's bad, but it looks a whole lot better slowed down, and you must have stylish actions with the characters with that scene. 'The Boondock Saints' had it all. One thing though, I think the fade thing was a bit overused in the beginning, but it went well in the rest of the film. The visuals were spectacular, they were all very well done and set for any large stunt scene. This film had the perfect action that you want in any action film and that does include the soundtrack. That score was completely awesome, it fitted so well with every scene. Even if there's some opera music in the background of a shootout, it still works. I mean, it always helps wonderfully. Quit wishing before you watch the movie, because it's already been granted. All you you want in an action, thriller is all in this film.

I'm not too sure about the sequel, but this film was surely good. It was a near perfect film in my book, so if you ever thought about this, I completely recommend it. I'm the MovieWiz, thanks for reading.


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