Boot Camp Review

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December 12th, 2013

The 1970s saw the rise of so-called "tough love" camps. Places where well to do people would send their spoiled kids to learn how to behave. The camps were often in remote locations around the world and completely unregulated. Violence, torture, and even death were used as methods of intimidation and thousand of kids were scared for life. Boot Camp is based on one of these places, but is told in the current era. Sophie Bauer (Mila Kunis) is sent to this camp in Fiji, because she's spoiled and doesn't get along with her step father. She could be there for up to a year, but that doesn't sit well with her boyfriend Ben (Gregory Smith). Ben gets sent to the camp to save Sophie, but when he gets there, he has no idea just how bad it really is. I really enjoyed this film, but they didn't spend enough time on the characters and as a result, the audience really doesn't have much empathy for the kids. What we see, really isn't bad enough to warrant them being sent away to such a place. Mila Kunis is terrific, finally playing something besides a whiny love starved introvert. She's paired with Gregory Smith, who I have enjoyed watching since he was a kid. As always, he gives a terrifically intense performance, that really makes this film as good as it was. Finally, the cast is rounded out by Peter Stormare who has been tight cast as a criminal/mafia type. Honestly, it was a little strange to see Stormare playing a doctor into meditation and rehabilitation. Overall, Boot Camp is a somewhat strange movie, but it has a terrific pair leading the way. The events are shocking, but in and of itself wouldn't make for a great film, that's where Kunis and Smith come in. The combination of the unique story, shocking events, and terrific cast lead to a film that was surprisingly enjoyable.

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