Brake Reviews

  • "Brake" is a full-scale paranoid nightmare with back-to-back double-whammy endings.

    Stephen Holden — New York Times

  • Dorff's mannered Bruce Willis affect seems as insincere as the script, which helplessly loses credibility as info accrues and the narrative unpeels.

    Michael Atkinson — Village Voice

  • Talk about being boxed in: This thriller is half-"24," half-"Buried" and, despite a few twists, unable to move anywhere.

    Joe Neumaier — New York Daily News

  • Your mileage enjoying Brake may vary, but even if you spot the final destination coming, it's a pleasant enough joyride.

    James Rocchi — MSN Movies

  • It is amazing how much hair-raising action and fluid movement this film captures in the confined interior of a car trunk, or how many mood shifts Mr. Dorff conveys in a performance that can only be called multi-dimensional.

    Rex Reed — New York Observer

  • Brake may not be the kind of film that Dorff's thesp character in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere is pining for, but the actor fully commits to the arduous demands of the part.

    Robert Koehler — Variety

  • The whole claustrophobic one-man show feels like we've been here before, and with better material.

    Sara Stewart — New York Post

  • While the film is suspenseful for awhile, it ultimately becomes a let down because of a stretched out story and an absurd ending.

    Jeff Beck — We Got This Covered

  • Most of it is a decent film despite it being stretched out, but most of it being good just doesn't cut it.

    Jeff Beck —

  • It's a clever B-movie that has a number of fun twists up its sleeve.

    Jeremy Heilman —

  • ...a second-rate carbon-copy of Rodrigo Cortes' vastly superior Buried.

    David Nusair — Reel Film Reviews

  • Over 95% of "Brake" takes place in the trunk of a car. But, despite the confines or perhaps because of them, it's a decent enough thriller.

    Paul Chambers — CNNRadio

  • In a movie like this, almost everything depends on the lead actor -- and Stephen Dorff does not disappoint. He turns in a splended 'confined' performance here.

    Betty Jo Tucker — ReelTalk Movie Reviews

  • There are simply too many manipulative gimmicks to generate any emotional investment in the outcome.

    Todd Jorgenson —

  • Dorff is stellar and the film builds some tension but a bit too much required suspension of disbelief, some plot holes, weak dialogue, and two increasingly silly twist endings ultimately sink the piece.

    Brian Tallerico —

  • There are plenty of gripping moments, as well as a few silly ones - bees get involved at one point, presumably to please Wicker Man fans. And the ride as a whole is at the very least exciting to take part in.

    Andrew Lapin — NPR

  • an idea for a short extended far beyond its creative shelf life

    Christopher Null —

  • Dorff and Torres make a lot out of very little, always keeping the audience aware of the larger world outside the small, dark space in which they've trapped us.

    Noel Murray — AV Club

  • Works as a budget suspense experience, reaching enough boiling points to entertain, but not enough to block out the ridiculous ending.

    Brian Orndorf —

  • If we're never drawn in far enough to wonder what we might do in a Plexiglass box at the end of the world, Dorff can sell stock action-hero lines with enough moody grit to hold our attention.

    Michelle Orange — Movieline

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