Based on the popular characters, "Bratz" follows four teenage girls who are from socially and economically diverse backgrounds. What they have in common is their wish to be themselves and realize their dreams and aspirations. They start their journey separated by high school cliques, only to realize that by becoming Bratz, their lives will be more fulfilling. A story of empowerment and wish fulfillment, told through a unique mix of song, dance, and of course, fashion.

Skyler Shaye and Janel Parrish Worship at the Alter of the ‘Bratz’!

Was this the first big movie for both of you?

Skyler Shaye: Yes.

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Nathalia Ramos and Logan Browning Are a Couple of ‘Bratz’!

You girls are just as perky as you are on the big screen.

That must have been fun. Out of this entire cast, you two girls are the novices.

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Avi Arad Is in Love with the ‘Bratz’!

Avi Arad discusses his latest toy purchase.

That's right, this summer, Avi Arad is bringing Bratz: The Movie to the big screen. The film follows the adventures of four teenage friends who drift apart in high school due to the pressures of various cliques on campus. Will they reunite and form The Bratz? You better believe it.

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Calling All Musicians! Get Your Music Placed in the Upcoming ‘Bratz’ Movie

The soundtrack will be available through Geffen Records on July 31st.

Musical submissions will be reviewed by top A&R executives at Geffen Records from now until the deadline of May 15th. If you've always wanted to get your music in front of a major record label, this is your opportunity and a chance to be discovered.

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