Brick Lane


azneen's life is turned upside down at the tender age of seventeen,. Forced into an arranged marriage to an older man, she exchanges her Bangladeshi village home for a block of flats in London's East End. In this new world, pining for her home and her sister, she struggles to make sense of her existence - and to do her duty to her husband. A man of inflated ideas (and stomach), he sorely tests her compliance.

Told from birth that she must not fight her fate, Nazneen submits, devoting her life to raising her family and slapping down her demons of discontent. Until the day that Karim, a hot-headed local man, bursts into her life.

Against a background of escalating racial tension, they embark on an affair that finally forces Nazneen to take control of her life. Set in multicultural Britain, Brick Lane is a truly contemporary story of love, cultural difference, and ultimately, the strength of the human spirit.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tannishtha Chatterjee and Director Sarah Gavron Talk ‘Brick Lane’

Bangladeshi actress Tannishtha Chatterjee makes a smashing western debut as 'Nanzeen' in the film adaption of Monica Ali's Brick Lane. Forced into an arranged marriage to a man twenty years older, Nanzeen is taken to London where she spends decades as a tormented wife and mother. Long separated from her sister, Nanzeen rebels by having an affair with a local tailor, Karim (Christopher Simpson). Her world is thrown into further chaos by the terrorist attack on 9-11, as her neighborhood is targeted by anti-muslim sentiment. Beautifully shot and acted, Brick Lane could resurface come award time as a real contender. Check out our interview below with the stunning Tannishtha Chatterjee and director Sarah Gavron.

Brick Lane hits limited theaters on June 20th.

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