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Adapted from a short story by "The Shipping News" writer E. Annie Proulx, the story centers on two men (Ledger and Gyllenhaal) who meet one summer as sheepherders in Wyoming and form a bond and love that spans 20 years. The film tracks that time period and their evolving relationship.

Brokeback Mountain News
Brokeback Mountain Brings the Drama to Blu-ray on March 3rd
We have some early details surrounding this award-winning film in high-def.
Universal to Bring Out Brokeback Mountain January 23 On HD-DVD
Next generation title to contain a bevy of extra features.
SOJU AFTER MOVIE: Brokeback Mountain!
The Boys go gay with Ang Lee and his Cowboy Movie...It's a very "SPECIAL" episode!
CONTEST: Take Home Brokeback Mountain On DVD!
Win the film that had audiences cheering.
Brokeback Mountain Comes to DVD April 4
The film nominated for 8 Academy Awards comes to DVD this spring.
Brokeback Mountain Take Top Prize at the 2006 Independent Spirit Awards
Sharing the spotlight with Capote and Crash.
Brokeback Mountain Saddles Up the Big Winner at the Golden Globes
A wrap-up of the Golden Globe Awards, and a look ahead to the Oscars.
Brokeback Mountain Takes 4 Golden Globes
From it's intial 7 Globe nominations.
Utah Theater Pulls Brokeback Mountain
No reason given as Salt Lake City theater cancels the "Western gay romance story."
Ang Lee Talks Brokeback Mountain
The director is not afraid to be daring and takes another bold step with his new film.
Heath Ledger Travels to Brokeback Mountain
The actor propels himself into that elite tier of fine actors with the most daring and risky performance of the year.
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