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Well, this movie, if anything, answers one of the biggest questions of the decade. Are Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal the same person? No. Although, they could possibly be clones of one another. Anyway, I enjoyed this movie for what it was.

Brothers is a movie about two brothers. One is a successful war hero and always pleases his father and the other one is basically a fuck up and has disappointed his family, constantly, by drinking and robbing people, who now just getting out of prison. Tobey Maguire's character, gets shipped off to war and a few days later is assumed dead, and his wife, Natalie Portman, gets the bad news. Jake Gyllenhaal's character, suddenly feels that he has to step up and take care of his brother's family. After a while when Jake has finally gotten close to the family, Tobey turns up alive. Then, it's a bunch of suspense and thrills centered around this guy's mind towards his whole family.

This movie truly survives alone simply because of every performance in this movie is fantastic. Hell, even Sam Shephard delivered a magnificent performance. I mean this is a guy that usually sleep walks through his roles, but he just nailed this role to the dot. Natalie Portman, of course, was great. How she didn't get an Oscar for V for Vendetta, I will never know. Finally, a movie where I found Jake Gyllenhaal to be a good actor. He was good in Zodiac, but to me, he was still just being himself. In this movie, he was just so out of the box, which I would have to give credit to the director, Jim Sheridan. With all that said, no performance can be compared to Tobey Maguire. He played this role so well, that I can no longer see him playing Spider man and smiling and not scaring the shit out of me. Tobey was so effectively scary in this movie. Now, I really wish that this was released before Spider man 3, because I know for sure that we would have gotten an whole different movie. If this guy doesn't get an Oscar for best actor, then it'll be the biggest abomination ever.

Like I said, I enjoyed this movie for what it was, because even though every performance was great, which made the movie better, the movie all together was not that great. I wasn't disappointed because I didn't get an big affair type storyline. I was disappointed because this movie built so much suspense up that when it was really about to get down to it, the fucking movie was over. I stayed a little longer because I was a caption that said, 'To be continued',but oh well, it was still pretty good.

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